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Words cannot express how upset I am as I write this. But I’ll get to the reasons why shortly.

The day started out like any other. After getting somewhat decent sleep last night, I woke up on time to get Casey up and ready for school. He rode the bus today, so I walked him to the stop.

Once back home, I got my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, DDO to do the dice roll, and finally on to Aura Kingdom. But, I didn’t feel like doing dailies! So, I spent the morning working on finding what I needed for Undine’s wish dishes instead. Turns out it was a “rare drop,” so it was hard to come by.

It was Colin’s birthday, so once he was up and we got on the call I sang to him. We talked for a while, him questing and me trying to find the Old Coconuts. He had to go around noon to have dinner out with his parents, the steak place he loves.

Once we got off the call, I said to Autumn I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but that I was bored. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play Aura Kingdom any longer, but I didn’t want to play a game alone. I kinda felt like working on my new house in Minecraft. She said she may be going out for food in a bit anyway, and that the only thing stopping me from playing Minecraft was myself. So, after a few minutes, I got off Aura Kingdom and got on Minecraft.

When she got back from getting something to eat, she got on Minecraft and started working on building something herself, and I continued work on my new place.

And so it continued for a couple hours, until a little while after I got Casey off the school bus. I got him to sit on the toilet before he got on Minecraft, and was building away, when suddenly EVERYTHING died. Animals, like sheep and cows, are called “passive mobs.” So, they’re still “mobs” but not “hostile mobs.” So, Autumn had done a command to kill all mobs. ALL mobs, passive or hostile. She was all, “oops, I didn’t know it’d kill all of them.” I went and checked my farm house and all those animals were dead, too. The animals I’d spent months of effort to acquire and get situated just so. And all she could really say was “oops.”

Not to worry, though! Minecraft automatically backs everything up periodically, so long as people are actively playing. So, I said for everyone to get out, I was going to roll back the realm. No big deal, right? WRONG! Autumn spazzed out on me, going on and on about all the work she’d put into her house all gone and that the spider she was hearing was driving her nuts and she just wanted it dead and that if she played in my world again she’d just end up doing it again.


Like hell! I stressed that the backup was from just 15 minutes prior and her house was still there, and I explained my reasoning being my feelings for the animals, one of the horses was a gift from Autumn after mine had gotten killed by a witch. It meant something to me. And Casey! Casey would be absolutely devastated if he signed on and everything he and I had worked so hard to acquire together was just, GONE. Yeah, sure, in creative mode you can just spawn fresh mobs, of any sort, anywhere. But it’s not the same. It’s not the animals we’d worked so hard for. And that matters to me! A lot! What if the world wasn’t in creative? What would she have done? She’d have hunted down the damn spider and killed it with a sword. But no, cheats are available so she wants to use them, and has no respect for other people’s property. Clearly. The argument went on, and eventually she says “Agree to disagree. Goodbye.”

I was upset about that for a while, and talked with Colin about it. He agreed with me that she was being childish, rude, and disrespectful to me and to Casey, and to him too! Eventually, as we were ranting about the situation to each other, Dave got home. So, we ended the call.

Casey got off the toilet, FINALLY, and was ready to play Minecraft. I was ready to say to hell with dinner, leftovers or frozen meal was fine by me. But, Casey’s computer wasn’t working, and it was making me antsy. I felt like it would be mean for me to keep playing when it wasn’t possible for him to, plus he was getting upset. I apologized about it, and went to start dinner. I was hoping it would take my mind off the argument with Autumn, anyway.

Dinner was the last Home Chef from last week, some spinach & lentil flautas. They were ok, but definitely missing flavor. I’d left out the jalapeno, but that’s not the kind of flavor I was wanting with it.

After I was done eating, but before I got up from the table, Dave and I were talking about some rumored revival of Toys R Us, and he started spazzing out about a time when we were in Kay B Toys that I went off on him for knocking a game onto my head. This is an incident that had to have happened 12-14 years ago, and something I have no memory of. I got up from the table, in no mood to deal with another argument. As I was putting my dishes in the diswasher, he insisted that I apologize, but then as I was apologizing he was like, “no, you’re just a whackjob.” I finished cleaning up my dishes and headed back to my room.

By the time I relayed the situation to Colin, I was in tears. Feeling incredibly depressed. And in my brain, one thing just leads to another and I start thinking about, things I shouldn’t. Colin told me over and over how much I mean to everyone, not just him or Casey but everyone. I just, feel like I don’t matter to anyone but him and Casey.

I ended up getting back on Minecraft while Casey was downstairs watching some Mario Let’s Plays. I continued the conversation with Colin, which ended up diverting to other topics. I was feeling a bit better, but still pretty upset.

After a while of getting more stuff done with the new house in Minecraft, I heard Casey coming up the stairs. Noticing the time, I got up to start getting his clothes put away so I could get him ready for bed. He chatted with Dave for a while, but finally got his stuff done. Now he’s all tucked into bed, and I’m about to continue on with some more Minecraft. I know I’ll do my nightly routine on Aura Kingdom, but I have no desire whatsoever to talk to Autumn.

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