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Welcome to Quill and Ink Press! We are glad you are here and that you have chosen to be part of a new and unique small press group. Please take full advantage of all features this group has to offer.
Dedicatd to the publication and circulation of the works of its members, Quill and Ink Press will publish any poems, short stories, editorial articles, photographs, sketches, and comics we receive. All submissions received by the 20th of the month will appear in the next month's issue. Each issue will be mailed by the first of the month.
Please limit advertising of your group to no more than once per month. Spamming is not allowed in this group.
Muses from the Quill is a mini-mag we publish each month that contains poetry, prose, and visual artwork. All submissions must be respectful and suitable for all ages. Anything that can fit on one or more 5" x 7" pages is acceptable!
The Inkwell is a newsletter we publish each month that contains editorial articles and a round-robin mystery series. Any editorial articles that are suitable for all ages will be accepted. We will select one interested member each month to contribute to the mystery series.
Our monthly gazette, entitled "The Scrolls," contains selected historical event coverage, selected current event coverage, and a critical analysis of both from a modern perspective. Each month we will select a topic, which will be open for discussion by any member. Once we have established 3 consistent contributors, we will assign each to an article in every issue.
If you have any comments about what you like about our group, or suggestions on how to make it better, please let us know. We can be contacted through our Yahoo Group or our primary message board.
Thank you for joining us, and we hope you enjoy your membership with Quill and Ink Press.
Amber Holt
Quill and Ink Press

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