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Brad was so warm and snuggly, we accidentally stayed in bed a little past 7. He needs to be reachable by his work by 7 so that was not good. We got up and got dressed and I headed home.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then messed around on Facebook until all my free book & paid emails had arrived. I took care of those, then got on Minecraft for a while.

I made sure Casey did all his schoolwork throughout the day. He was cranky again, though, so we struggled with that a bit. I can tell he must not be feeling the best.

I ordered a new RAM kit for my computer, but when it arrived it was the wrong size. I’d accidentally ordered the size for a desktop. I started a return of it and found a laptop kit for a good price from Newegg. I paid $20 extra to have it the next day. It’s my money and it may be silly since it wasn’t urgent but whatever.

I got on Neverwinter for a bit on the Xbox and did one dungeon, which finally got me out of the tutorial part, but then I logged off instead of staying on and trying to meet someone to play with.

Dave went to Jennifer’s after work and Casey pitched a fit over some such or another. I felt like he was on the verge of telling me he hated me, but I got him calmed back down and we talked for a while about things.

I got on Black Desert for a bit in the evening, pretty much just long enough to miss the world boss fight because I was distracted by the ad-rating project I’m on with Appen. Making money is more important than a game, though.

I got Casey tucked into bed and played around on Black Desert until I was ready for bed myself.

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