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What a rough night! Normally I would leave these details out of my post but after I woke up a bit it became too hilarious not to include. All night long, every time I fell asleep, I would let out an enormous fart, and then Brad would put his hand back on my butt. I’m not sure if he was trying to muffle the noise or what, but I was embarrassed each time it happened until I reflected on it later in the day and found it to be way too funny.

I got up and dressed and headed home, then got some coffee while the computer booted. I got Casey up, dressed, and fed, then dropped him off at school around the usual time. I headed back home and waited for my free book & paid emails to come in.

While I was taking care of my emails, I got on SL with Cyn. After I was done with the emails, I went to a couple of shopping things with her and we looked around. Then she got tired, she hadn’t really slept much herself, so she went and laid down.

I decided to look into how I could use the Xbox as the 2nd monitor. I suppose the main reason I would want to do this would be so that the computer sounds could come through the speakers I have plugged into the Xbox. If I could use the Xbox as the 2nd monitor, then, in theory, the computer sounds would go through the speakers. I plugged the HDMI from the computer into the Xbox, and configured an app on the Xbox, and voila it worked! And the sounds now come through the speakers!

With the new setup, I went ahead and watched an episode of NCIS. I was pleased with having the computer sounds coming out of the speakers.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, then headed back home. I kind of wanted to get straight in the shower, but he made a beeline for the bathroom and I wasn’t going to stop him.

After I had finally showered, I got settled back in at the computer. I didn’t really do anything for a while, until finally around 5 I got on Astellia to wait out the daily login timer. Cyn eventually joined me and we just sat around chatting about her health. I felt it was finally a good conversation and not one that was stressful like it normally is.

We ran a dungeon together and then headed to the area where we’ll be questing, but she went afk for a while and I was starting to get tired. When she came back, she said she wasn’t sure she was up for following the story, and I told her I was thinking it was bedtime anyway. I logged off and got ready for bed.

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