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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off about the usual time, then headed back home. I messed around on Facebook and AFF while waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive, then went through those. The computer was being a bit of a pain while doing that, I suspected it was because of a Windows update. Once I made it through the emails, I checked for updates and there were several.

It took quite a while to get the updates to go through, and several restarts. I was getting incredibly frustrated with it because I had intended to work for 6 hours and it was beginning to look like that wouldn’t happen.

Next thing I knew, it was time to go pick Casey up from school, and the computer was still not functioning properly. I left it shut down while I went and got Casey. I brought him home and he got on the toilet right away, while I took care of the dishes. While I was doing dishes I had the computer booting up again.

The computer was still not working properly, so I restarted it one more time, and then finally it was working! I went ahead and got started on some work, using my new optical pen mouse. It took a bit of getting used to, but I began to really like it.

I was able to get in an hour of work and then had to run to Walmart with Casey to get cookies for him to take to school the next day. We got a few other things as well, then headed back home. I resumed working for another hour, then had him get ready for bed. I got him snuggled into bed and went back for some more work until I began to get distracted by this guy named Zach on AFF.

Eventually, I left to go to Zach’s house, all the way in Minnesota! It was a miserable disappointment. After he was done, I came back home and went to bed. I’d only get about 4 hours of sleep before having to get back up. Totally not worth it! I miss Brad.

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