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New laptop… ORDERED!!!

I cannot possibly even begin to describe how excited I am!!

I did our taxes this afternoon, and told Dave how much we were getting back, and that we’d be paying off his student loan, and about how much was left on that. And he asked, in a semi-joking way, if I was using the rest of the money for a new laptop. I was like, yeah, I’d like to! He gave me the go-ahead!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!

So I’ll be going from this:

Which I’ve always called my “craptop” because of it’s poor performance. I love the 2-in-1 design, though, and the full touch screen! So those features were part of my requirement when searching for a new computer. I wanted a laptop, not a desktop, because I need the portability. And I wanted one that was designed like a 2-in-1, with full touchscreen. About the only problem with the “craptop” is the non-expandable RAM. I didn’t realize when I bought it, that I’d be stuck with the 4gb. So that was my 3rd requirement when searching, that it start with at least 8gb of RAM but be expandable.

And this:

Which, honestly, hasn’t been a *terrible* computer, but it’s hard drive keeps failing on me, even when I’m doing NOTHING on it, and the graphics card can’t keep up with Second Life at a framerate higher than 20FPS. Just today, I got the BSOD when I wasn’t even using the thing. I had turned it on so I could dress my avatar, then did my free book emails and paid emails, and then switched to the “craptop.” Actually, that was when the discussion with Dave about what to do with our tax return took place, just as I was getting the BSOD and Boot Device Not Found error on the desktop.

To this:

Honestly, this Dell will just blow my Lenovo out of the water with it’s power and performance. The only thing missing is dedicated graphics, but I’ve never had that anyway so I don’t know what I’ll be missing! And the RAM is expandable to 32GB, say WHAT? I can only begin to imagine what I can do with that much RAM! Second Life and Wizard101 will be SOOOOO much more awesome!!

And I’ll be receiving the new laptop by March 13! I had been looking at the same model laptop at Walmart, which I could have received by Wednesday the 28th, but it had a slightly slower processor. Between a sale price and a coupon code, I was able to get this one direct from Dell for the same price as the one at Walmart. I think I can manage with the “craptop” for a couple extra weeks, if it means having a better processor for the same price!

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