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MRI and zzzzzzz…

My tummy finally settled enough to get to bed last night, and I was able to drink coffee this morning without incident.

I had checked the tracking information on my laptop, and it said it was scheduled to be delivered today, so I was super excited! I was pretty much standing, on my sore leg, all day, staring out the big window waiting to see a FedEx truck. As the day passed, eventually the tracking information went back to saying it had no scheduled delivery date. There’s a “standard transit” date of tomorrow, that’s supposedly the latest it would be delivered.

It’s just as well, really, since I had my MRI scheduled for today. I left a note on the door with my signature for the package, in case it arrived while we were out, but then what if someone ended up stealing it?!?

Dave got home in plenty of time to drive me to the MRI appointment. By the time he’d gotten home I think I’d taken 2mg of xanax, due to increasing anxiety over the thought of being in that MRI machine.

Dave drove us in his car to the appointment. I slept almost the whole way, drowsy from the xanax.

We made it on time to the appointment. I was nervous about having to remove all my jewelry, because a couple pieces would be difficult. They let me keep those in, and just had me remove the ones I could. They told me to squeeze the nurse call button if I felt heat near any of the piercings.

I took another xanax just before going into the machine. So by then I was at about 2.5 to 3mg of it in my system. And I was still anxious being in that machine! But I made it through without them having to repeat any of the scans. The results should be to my doctor within a few days, and I have an appointment with him on Wednesday next week. So, if I can’t make sense of the results when they’re posted online, I will have that conversation with the doctor.

After the test was done, we went to Olive Garden to eat. We were finally able to use the gift card Dave’s mom and her husband got us for Christmas. My meal was delicious!! Casey ate a breadstick, and when his pizza came he said he was full so we brought it home.

I slept again the whole way home, so drowsy from the pills.

Once we got home, I was tempted to just go straight to bed. But, I had an available project with Appen that was due by the end of tonight, so I made the effort to do it and managed to complete it. I think I have to have 100% accuracy to get paid, which is kinda stupid. So, wish me luck on that!

It’s been maybe 15 minutes since I gave the fishies their bedtime food, and I don’t like to turn their light off until they’ve had enough time to eat it, so I thought I’d post this. TBH I’m kinda falling asleep here while typing. Now that’s talent, sleep-typing!

I think it’s been long enough! I’m too tired to stay up any longer. Time to get my bedtime munchie and go to sleep! Goodnight!

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