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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then spent some time on Facebook while waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive. I also was sure to get Casey started on his writing.

I took care of my free book & paid emails as they arrived, and also made sure Casey finished his writing and got started on some reading.

I got my new Chakra bracelet from Vitality Extracts. I’m hoping it will help with my anxiety, and that work won’t mind me wearing it.

My new strap kit for my knee brace arrived, but some of the pieces were not right for my brace and the serial number on the invoice does not match the one on my brace, so I will need to contact them on Monday to get that sorted out. I was able to use a few of the straps, though. The one strap I needed replaced the most I was able to replace.

We ended up running to Walmart in the early afternoon after I ordered a new external hard drive for my computer. I’d also ordered some new RAM since the price went down by about 50%, but that would come to the house next week. Casey brought his wallet and picked out some new toys, one of them being a hauler for Hot Wheels that he’d been asking about for a while.

Back home, Casey got busy with his new toys, and I got busy with the Minecraft Beta once I set the computer up to move all my games to the new hard drive. I spent a few hours on Minecraft mining and building.

After I was done with Minecraft, I got on Black Desert just in time to run and fight a world boss. I only died once, which was an improvement. I spent a little more time on there but wasn’t really doing anything so I logged out

When I was tucking Casey into bed earlier he said he felt like he was going to be sick. It turned out his throat felt funny and that was why he’d said it. Based on the sneezing and coughing, we’re pretty sure what he was feeling was sinus drainage. We got him some medicine to help and tucked him in.

Once Casey was tucked in, I put NCIS: New Orleans on. I watched just one episode and then was ready for bed.

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