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Dave had to work yesterday, which surprised me since the class he was teaching graduated on Friday. Oh well, I got to spend some time with Colin.

I finally broke down and looked through this book Dave recently got, something about a plant-based meal plan. I actually found a few recipes I want to try, so I put the ingredients on my shopping list for this week. I’m not sure if I’ll go to the store today or tomorrow.

Dave got home around 3 and we ate dinner then, despite me having had lunch an hour and a half earlier. It was a small lunch, so I was still hungry.

Casey was occupied with his freshly unlocked play room all afternoon, so I spent some time watching my shows, since I was nearly caught up.

As it was getting closer to Casey’s bedtime, he was trying to find one of his Batman cars, so I went to help him look. While I was looking through cars, he peed on the floor! I was furious. I got it cleaned up, got him to bed, and went back to my shows. I’m all caught up now, so I can safely cancel my CBS All Access subscription. But, I kinda don’t want to, since I could watch my shows live as they air with the sub.

I got to bed about the same time I normally would, only because I didn’t post this then lol.

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