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I’m falling back into old habits, ignoring LJ. And this displeases me.

So, Saturday night, I’m pretty sure I stayed up late-ish and did Darkmoor again. I’ve gotten some good gear, and am enjoying it. As a matter of fact, I think this was the night I spent going back and forth, trying to remain an active participant of the final battle of Darkmoor, all the while getting Casey snuggled into bed. That was a rough night, I won’t be attempting that again! It is not easy to go back and forth like that, clicking something every so often, and then worrying while you’re reading to your son about whether or not you’ll stay alive AND get credit. The timing was just off, is all. Casey had been watching TV, and it was getting late, and I thought I’d be done with the fight, but wasn’t done in time.

Got up yesterday at a fairly reasonable time, not too early but not too late either. Dave cooked himself french toast for breakfast, didn’t leave any for me or Casey, and left me a sink full of dishes. Instead of complaining (in my own head, it likely would have been, or on here), I just took care of the dishes myself. Why do I let him walk all over me like that?

Aside from that, I had a pretty laid-back day. Casey was occupied with one thing or another, a lot of which was with Dave, so I ended up getting on Wiz to farm Darkmoor some more. Dave and Casey ended up taking a nap together. I got off Wiz a little after 5 to cook dinner, and they were still asleep.

Last night’s was a vegan Pad Thai bowl. It was ok. I left the chili pepper out of the peanut sauce because I was worried it’d be too spicy, and wasn’t really in the mood for spice. It turned out ok, not my favorite dish. Dave was asking about the sauce, so I mentioned that I left out the chili pepper (on purpose). We both sprinkled some on ours. He preferred it, I didn’t. Ok, so, maybe meet in the middle there. Go light on the chili pepper in the sauce. Works for me!

After dinner I got everything cleaned up again, then got back on the computer. More of the same. The boys did their own thing.

Satori, my friend on SL, technically my boss, messaged me about setting up a time to train a new Host. Yay! This would be my first time training someone! Exciting! Scheduled it for today at noon SLT, which is 2pm my time. I’ll post about that later.

Got back on Wiz, but was just fooling around, not really doing anything. Struggled to remain online while waiting for Casey to be ready for bed. I don’t believe I was actually doing anything when it was time to get him into bed, this time. I did get him to bed late, though. I might have been between dungeons of Darkmoor, I can’t remember.

That’s sad, I can’t remember LAST NIGHT. I hate my brain sometimes.

I do remember, when I got back after getting Casey settled into bed, I was attempting the final battle again with a group, and it got to be too late. Everybody was dying left and right, things weren’t going well at all, and it was about midnight. I said I just had to go, and was so sorry, and fled. I feel terrible about that, but it was already midnight, and my alarms would start going off at 5:15 for me to get up by 6:30 or so.

I’ll try and post about today, a little later, but not tomorrow.

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