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So, Wednesday night I got back up and got on Wiz. Tried to do Darkmoor again, but a guy in the group kept having to flee because he ran out of spells. We ended up logging off leaving him in the room where we’d defeated the 2nd boss. There was just no way we’d be able to defeat Malistaire in a decent amount of time, with this guy we were with.

Slept in past 11 yesterday morning, and was in a lot of pain for it, both in my back and my knee. Casey had already been up a couple hours.

Did some questing on Wiz, nothing major. Had a quest buddy for a bit. Got a new spell, but not sure I’ll ever use it.

Dinner was super simple, just a steak salad. All I had to do was throw everything in a bowl and mix it up. It was pretty good, too.

When Dave got home he was bitching about the cloud of vapor always in his room. Sorry, but I’m not vaping outside. I try to keep it to my room, but it just goes where it wants to. He can just deal with it.

Casey was super fussy after dinner, to the point he got his favorite pencil case taken away, and pitched an absolute fit. Finally he calmed down, apologized to us, and got his pencil case given back to him.

Got him ready for bed early, about 7. He wanted to sleep by me again. It took him a bit longer to fall asleep, but I was back up about 8.

Got on Wiz and did some farming of the Loremaster with a friend from Discord. The Loremaster is this chick who drops rare, super cool spells. I want like 4 or 5 from her lol. It takes a good 30 tries to get 1 spell. I ended up buying a different set of decks because of a jewel that could be put in them. I no longer start on the 3 pips, but I get an extra boost. We’ll see if I keep this deck or not.

That was pretty much it.

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