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Had another “slumber party” Thursday night. I slept a bit better than I had Wednesday night. Woke up at a not-so-ungodly hour thanks to my alarm.

Got on Wiz and did some questing. Got closer than ever to my shadow spell! Lol.

In the early afternoon, I got Casey and I dressed and we headed to McDonald’s in Sparta. I had put us down as a “maybe” for a play date and then decided that, yes, we needed to go! It was with Casey’s best friend Elijah, who he hadn’t seen for MONTHS! I didn’t tell Casey where we were going or who we were seeing.

So we get there, order some food, and I’m trying to keep him from looking in the play area because I can already see Elijah and his mom, Gina. I wanted to hold the surprise for as long as I could, if possible!

We got our food and ventured into the play area. Casey automatically headed to an empty table, and I was like, “no no, honey, this way.” We headed over to the table with Gina. Elijah wasn’t there at that moment. Gina saw Elijah up in one of the bubbles in the play area, and so I pointed and said, “Casey, look, who’s that?” His face got all red, he was all smiles, and he yells “Elijah!!” Elijah came down and they hugged and went to play.

I chatted with Gina for a while. Another mom, Miranda, arrived for the play group. We all chatted while the kids played.

We were there a couple hours. It was nice! Then we headed to Aldi for milk and eggs, and then back home.

My knee was really killing me by this point, so I texted Dave and said, if he’d let me know when he was on his way home, I’d call in an order for Chinese. It wasn’t but a few minutes later, when I heard the garage door. He was home early. He hadn’t gotten my text yet. He went on to bitch about not having a normal wife who would just go out to eat and this and that. About how every year it’s one thing or another with me. Well FFS I can’t help it that I have to have surgery on my knee!!

So he went and picked up some Chinese and brought it home. It was pretty good. I’d ordered the General Tso’s chicken. It wasn’t spicy, but it was flavorful.

Got dishes taken care of and went back to my room.

It was Gold Rush night, at least I thought it was, but either way Casey and Dave spent the evening downstairs in the living room. Around 9 I went to fetch Casey for bed. He was already asleep. Luckily we’d already gotten him in his jammies and ready for bed around 7:30, so all I had to do was tuck him in.

Got back on Wiz, did more questing. Had a quest buddy I added to Discord. That was nice. It’s always nice to have help. Got my new shadow spell! I was excited! But, it’s not as cool as some others lol. I could use a training point to get another, but mine does nice damage so I’ll just keep it for now.

It was about 2am by this point, so time to hang things up for the day!

Post more later.

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