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Sunday night, back on Wiz. Don’t remember really what I was doing, but it couldn’t have been too extraordinary. Probably just more questing.

Back in my own bed Sunday night. I miss the “big bed.”

Didn’t sleep the best, gee I wonder why. I’m tired of sleeping on the futon, I’ll tell ya that much.

Got on Wiz and did some more questing in Khrysalis. Had some help from this kid on Discord. He’d always been asking me when I’d get on voice. So, I got on voice. In text chat he was calling me trash, but being nice on voice, so idk what his deal was.

Let me back up a bit, before I get too far ahead of myself. This Discord group, at some point Harry had made me a moderator. He said something about me seeming mature. He never told me what my role as a moderator was supposed to be, so I never did anything as a moderator.

Ok, so, finished Khrysalis yesterday. Got a pretty decent deck as a drop there that gave an extra pip and could hold a triangle shaped jewel. So, that’s exactly what I needed! Only problem is, this deck was only for another school, not Ice. I did a bit of research and found that I could craft a decent deck for now, but would need to come up with Reagents to do it. So, I spent a bit of time trying to farm bosses for the reagents I needed. Just lower level ones were what I wanted, nothing too challenging, I didn’t want to waste a lot of time on it.

Harry kept asking why I was doing the Master duels and not the Exalted. Well, because I just want to get these reagents in the easiest possible way!

Around this point, it was time to cook dinner. So I got off to do that. It was another Home Chef meal, something like a Mexican lasagna. It was ok.

Got back on Wiz after dinner, and back to farming for reagents. Didn’t get what I needed by the time it was time to get Casey to bed.

Got Casey to bed, and got back on Wiz. Was all set and ready to go with farming lol. So, a girl from the Discord group, Michelle, said she’d continue to help me. She’s max level and I’m guessing she just didn’t feel like doing anything on an alternate character. I asked who else wanted to help. I had volume on Discord, and heard Harry say something about not being invited. I told him everyone was invited. So he did one round with me and Michelle and Carlos.

Then Harry asked Carlos to go into the private admin chat with him. Michelle and I continued to do Ra, that boss, a couple more times. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure why they’d gone to private chat. And then I noticed that they’d stripped me of my moderator tags. I felt insulted.

Michelle and I went to this dungeon who’s boss also dropped what I needed, and she actually hadn’t done it before. I still didn’t get what I needed!

And then Michelle said she was going to help them. So then I felt excluded as well as insulted.

I did a bit of work on my Khrysalis side quests, but by then it was time for me to wrap things up and get ready for bed.

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