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Yay! Clean bill of (breast) health!

Despite having the ability to sleep in this morning, Casey and I were both up at 7am. We could have made it to school in time!

I spent the morning hobbling about the house working on laundry, getting the dishes done, and giving Casey a bath before it was time to leave for my appointment.

Today was my first mammogram and breast ultrasound, followed by a follow-up appointment with my breast specialist. These appointments were, once again, 45 minutes away in Onalaska/LaCrosse. Of course, the drive there hurt my knee again. Anywho, it was confirmed, through both tests, that the mass in my right breast is fatty tissue. Great, now even my breasts need to lose weight! XD lol

After the appointment, we were both starving. I wanted to go to Carlos O’Kelleys, because Casey had talked about tacos when we were at the hospital for my appointments. Casey was hell-bent on having Subway, which happens to be inside Walmart, where we were going to get fishie water and haircuts. Subway it was! I got the Chipotle Southwest Steak Wrap, as close to Mexican as you can get at Subway lol. It was pretty good.

After we ate, we walked to the opposite side of the front of the store to get our haircuts. Casey wanted his super short. I was convinced an inch off mine would do, despite it being about a year since my last trim. Casey went first, and got it super short! He looks so handsome! And she did a really good job, too! I’m sure pics will come soon, via Instagram.

My hair was another story. I told her that I’d thought an inch was necessary, but asked for her opinion. She said… SIX INCHES! I thought about it. I felt the panic rising, at the thought of losing that much hair. And I gave her the go-head! She took care of the length first before we revisted the idea of layers. If I wanted to get rid of my layers, this was the time to do it. I felt my hair once the length was sorted, and decided to keep the layers. They really do make a difference in how my hair looks, anyway. Helps the natural curls at the ends look nice. Now my hair feels much healthier!

I also asked for advice on hair products. I told her I don’t really use any product in my hair, and use Suave shampoo. Not the cheapest Suave, but still Suave. I explained the history of my hair… about 3 years ago, I think, I got a spiral perm. About 1 1/2 to 2 years ago I dyed my hair a few times over the course of 6 weeks, trying to get the color the way I wanted. I forgot to mention my using cheap clarifying shampoos to get rid of the color, but not sure if that would have made a difference. Cheap shampoo is cheap shampoo. So, the 6 inches she was in the process of cutting off during this conversation was primarily what I had killed off with chemicals a couple years ago. Now that my hair is (mostly) healthy again, I want to keep it that way, and improve it! I told her I love the products by Tigi, and she said their shampoo and conditioner is great and that I’d want to use the Recovery for dry/damaged hair because mine lacks moisture. I was hesitant to buy a pair of 1 liter bottles, due to the quantity and not sure how my hair would like it. I told her I was going to hold off for now, but about 15 minutes later went back to get them. Luckily we were still inside the store shopping anyway. The manager is also going to order me some more “After Party” by Tigi, which is great for smoothing out flyaways!

Oh, and my flyaways! I hate them! And Cede (my stylist) agreed that I need to stop using twist-ties for my messy buns. Now that my hair is much shorter, there’s less of a length difference between most of my flyaways and the rest of my hair. Time to try and see if I can style my hair differently to get rid of (most of) the flyaways.

So, salon sorted, we finished up the rest of our shopping, which took us pretty much around the entire store, like twice. We’d walked from the salon, past the toys, in search of the pets, only to realize the pet section was in the opposite corner from the salon. We’d gotten our fishie water when we ended up back at the salon. So then we were going by the toy department again.

Casey had some sort of aversion to pooping. He would poop once every 2 weeks, roughly. We started giving him a prize, something small like a hot wheel or Thomas Mini train, as a reward each time he pooped. We do need to stop doing THAT, but he also gets one of these small prizes for being especially good or helpful. So, I think we’ll talk to him in the coming weeks about cutting out the prizes for pooping, but that we can keep giving him prizes for being especially good and helpful, like an allowance. Or, give him the option of continuing to get the prizes for behavior, or actually earning an allowance. Maybe that’s something we can talk about and start doing over the summer.

Once we left Walmart, we headed straight home, 45 minute trip again. My poor knee! Between all this driving, and all this walking, over the past week, I’m killing it!! And it’s killing me. 😥

When we got home, Dave was already watching Gold Rush, but it was the previous week’s episode with commentary, so we were able to show him the goodies and oooh and ahhh over haircuts. Dave said mine looked darker, which is possible since the color may not have been pulled 100% out of the ends from using the clarifying shampoo. I headed upstairs to put away the fishie water and my salon stuff, and saw a sink full of dishes. I ignored them.

I had to make a trip all the way to the basement to swap out laundry. I got the towels and rugs folded and put my stuff in the dryer and Casey’s in the washer. From there they can wait until tomorrow. Got the towels and rugs put away back upstairs. Sat for a little bit, but then needed a shower. I used my new shampoo and conditioner and OOOH the smell is amazing!!!

Around the time I was compiling the Daily Tarot post, I heard Dave finally loading the dishwasher. He told me he did it hastily. Joy. Whatever, at least he did it!

So now I get to just sit and chill while Casey watches “mini movies” on his tablet. He should be in bed by now, but it’s Friday night and I’m hoping if he stays up late he’ll sleep in more, too. I’ve taken both sets of my pills. I break it up into two sets, the first about 6:30 with mostly just my necessary stuff for my heart (just potassium and magnesium) and my PMDD and arthritis. I do have a couple melatonin in my first set. The 2nd set, though, is more melatonin, and other stuff to help me sleep. I take that about 8:30 so I can get to bed before midnight.

The “mini movies” were originally movies about Thomas Mini trains he’d found on Amazon. I had tried to find them on Amazon again, but couldn’t, so found something similar on YouTube and let him watch that. With YouTube, it just keeps showing you more videos, like a playlist of sorts, but one that’s never-ending. It goes from short videos about Thomas Minis, and ends up at nonsense like Hulyan and Maya or Ryan’s Toy Review. Casey loves it, I can’t stand it. I put a 3 1/2 hour time limit on Casey’s tablet, because he usually doesn’t pay attention to it while it’s on, he usually just lets the videos play while he plays with his toys. So, I’d say he gets a total of about an hour a day. I want to cut it back more, but am intending to do it in about 15 minute increments, hoping he won’t notice. He used to be allowed to watch YouTube on the Roku, but now I tell him it’s “locked” so he understands that he’s not allowed. He still gets to watch Amazon or Netflix, though. Or, if it’s a movie we own, he can watch it on DVD or Vudu. He really does get too much screen time. It needs to be drastically reduced in favor of other activities. But, I feel like such a hypocrite telling him he can’t have screen time, while I’m nearly always sitting in front of a screen. Idk how to go about it.

Anyway, his time should be up relatively soon, and for now I’m out of things to post about. Sorry for such a long post, but some things I felt the need to explain lol.

And it’s been about 20 minutes since I finished typing this, Casey’s all tucked in now lol. I wanted him to sleep by me tonight, but didn’t want to ask because I’m sure his stuffy nose would just disturb my sleep.

Ok, peace out! More tomorrow probably lol.

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