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Winter Storm…

So I have the day off today, which I’m glad for because the Winter Storm is coming through and we’re getting lots of snow right now. We had a winter storm come through the other night, with bad icing, and now we’re getting a minimum of 4 inches of snow today, through midnight. We’re expecting another round of it on Thursday too.

Unfortunately, despite having the day off and thinking I wouldn’t have to drive in this mess, it’s looking like I’m going to have to go run some errands. I have to mail a Passion Parties order for a customer, and there are a few miscellaneous items we need, like toilet paper and coffee creamer. My wonderful (ie stupid alcoholic) MIL went to the store and got a few things for us, but she done fucked up. I am not generally a picky person, and usually willingly accept (and even purchase for myself) generic and store brand products. But, the one thing I WILL NOT tolerate is a store brand toilet paper. Before Charmin changed their product, it was always the Mega Rolls in the blue package. After they changed, so did I, to Scott Ultra Soft Mega Rolls (or double if mega wasn’t available). I will not compromise on this because my tooshy IS picky about that! So, what does my MIL do? She buys the store brand TP! I told her the SPECIFIC BRAND AND TYPE of TP to get and she comes back with the store brand! That is simply unacceptable! Now, because of that BS, I am going to have to go to the store just for TP! Well, we need coffee creamer (or half & half) too but still! I realize that her alcoholism makes it hard for her, financially, to purchase expensive items at the grocery store… but PLEASE WOMAN JUST BUY THE RIGHT KIND OF TOILET PAPER! THAT’S ALL I ASK!

Is it wrong to be that picky about toilet paper? NO! That’s the ONE thing I don’t compromise on, and it’s not like Scott brand is expensive! I realize it just goes down the toilet at the end of all of it, but it is my preferred brand and I can’t stand other brands! It’s not that I wouldn’t tolerate store brands if my tooshy would, but I just don’t like anything but Scott Extra Soft Double or Mega… it’s just this ONE thing that I don’t compromise on… the ONE thing that I won’t buy a generic or alternative… just ONE thing, just TOILET PAPER! I told her the specific brand and type and she didn’t listen. And that makes me angry. I know it’s just TP but I’m still angry… because that was the ONLY thing I told her SPECIFICALLY what to buy and she didn’t buy what I asked for. She refused to buy Coca-Cola brand because of the price, and I am okay with that, despite my stomach’s preference… because I can still make do with generic of that. But, I just want my Scott toilet paper! What’s so hard about that? The ONE thing I want her to do right by, and she screws it up, just like everything else (except last night’s steaks) that she does.

Yes, I realize how stupid all this sounds… but I’m angry and needed to vent. I feel like she’s just a drunken idiot at all times, and because of her disease she won’t spend a penny more than she has to on ANYTHING else. She has to buy her Miller Lite cans, 12 or 24 packs, every day, and so she refuses to spend anything more on food or other grocery items. That’s fine. But if she’s going to offer to get me something, get what I ask for! The one thing I was specific about, and she didn’t get what I asked for.

P.S. The reason I can’t tolerate other brands or types is because they irritate my skin… it’s not just some vain reason, it is legitimate.

P.S. (2) We have enough on our last roll to get through tomorrow… I’ll get my brand on my way to or from work… *sigh*

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