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What Peegle Did Today…

The things I do around the house often go unnoticed and unappreciated. Instead, Dave likes to criticize me for the things I *hadn’t* done in any particular day. So, I made this list of what I did today, and it took up a whole sheet of college ruled paper:

  1. Went to Wal-Mart for requested groceries.

  2. Put all groceries away.

  3. Emailed documents to your mom.

  4. Went through mail to organize.

  5. Shredded unimportant documents. (<– from mail)

  6. Paid electric and cable bills.

  7. Balanced checking account.

  8. Made the bed, as I do every day. (<– he no longer appreciates it…)

  9. Put linens in washer.

  10. Finished drying damp towels left in washer. (<– that he left there!)

  11. Put my clean clothes away.

  12. Finally unpacked all my stuff from last trip.

  13. Put Passion Parties visor in car.

  14. Scooped litter boxes again. (<– just did it yesterday, after he came home bitching about it going undone.)

  15. Cleaned up kitchen – dishes, etc. (<– becoming a daily task.)

  16. Vacuumed all floors.

  17. Swiffered cat’s bathroom and kitchen.

  18. Scrubbed several Josie stains. (<– She uses the carpet instead of the litterbox.)

  19. Folded and put away towels left in dryer.

  20. Put linens in dryer.

  21. Took a shower, brushed my teeth, got comfortable.

  22. Folded and put away linens from dryer.

  23. Prepared simple dinner that will probably go unappreciated.

  24. What from this list did you actually notice I had done, when you got home?

  25. Please put away your clean clothes! (<– He thinks finishing his laundry consists of putting all his clean clothes on the floor!)


I’ve scribbled a few more things onto that piece of paper. Like, when I woke up, I listened to a voicemail from Detective Hodgess; he said there are no new developments in our case, and the fingerprint results aren’t in yet. Then, I made coffee, and let Dinia enjoy the cool morning while I enjoyed my coffee. Then, after I got comfy after my shower, I also brought in the mail.

I actually feel GREAT after doing all this. I do a lot of those things daily, but did a little more today, and the house is again spotless, like it was before my brother came to visit. I’m going to make myself a schedule of sorts, of small things that can be done each day, so that there’s never any “big” things that need to be done. It’s the little things that count.

Just Added: Put towels in washer. Re-filled cat’s bowls.

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