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What in the actual fuck?

I got to watch an episode of Criminal Minds before bed last night. I was glad for that! I got to bed at a fairly reasonable time, and got up at a fairly reasonable time this morning. Cinnamon rolls were already baked, so I ate one right away. This was odd, for me, because usually I don’t eat breakfast until I’ve been up a couple hours.

I tried to sit by Dave and Casey for a while after that, but Dave started bitching, saying that if I was so uncomfortable why should I sit there. I may have made a noise or two trying to readjust myself due to my knee pain, but he went overboard.

I was talking to my neighbor from across the street for quite a while on Facebook, about various things. She invited me for a girl’s night out on the 16th. If my knee is okay, I’ll probably try to go. She also shared her status about the switch to Roku, and cutting the “cable.” I got to looking, and I think we could save about $10 or $15 a month, keep our most important channels, and add a few we don’t have, by switching to Direct TV’s streaming service. I’d like to bring it up to Dave, but he’d probably not go for it. So, idk. We’d also have to get another Roku, just the cheapest out there, so we could access everything on both TVs without switching the Roku between them.

I had all my computers crash on me about the time I decided to hit up the vape shop. Oh well, let them rest. Got a couple juices, one of my faves and a new one, then headed to the dollar store. Got Casey 12 or 13 things, but nothing for myself.

Was able to relax for a little while after getting home, but then something got me hunting down spare keys for various things, so now my knee is hurting pretty bad. Rested a bit longer, then finally made that Baked Potato Soup! It turned out well.

After dinner, Dave went to wash Casey’s hair in the sink in the bathroom Casey and I share. Afterwards, he started bitching about my bathroom is supposedly so disgusting he doesn’t know how he can live with me, and that he has to go to his bathroom to wash his hands after going in mine because it’s so nasty. First of all, I clean by bathroom weekly. Second of all, IT’S NOT DIRTY! There are fingerprints on the mirror, yes, because it’s also a medicine cabinet. And there are a few streaks by the faucet that never go away, no matter how much I clean it. The only thing dirty about my bathroom at the moment is the back of the toilet, it’s dusty. I’ll admit it! It’s dusty.

Here are pictures to defend my case:

I invite you all to examine these to your heart’s content and please let me know what is SO filthy that it invites such a bitch fest!

After his complaining, I took a shower, and now Casey’s chilling before bed with his tablet. I’m hoping to watch another episode of Criminal Minds tonight before I tuck myself in.

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