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Week 16

So, I had my latest appointment for week 16 yesterday and doc says everything is right where it should be for this week. That makes me very, very happy!! And the nurse got the heart rate with the doppler, the first time that they’ve been able to find it, and it didn’t take any effort at all for her to get it! Baby’s heart rate is 161bpm. Mama has only gained 1/2 pound this pregnancy, but it’s still fluctuating up and down within the same 5lb range.

I did go and buy a prenatal monitor, which I probably won’t have luck with for a few more weeks at least. There aren’t the best of reviews on them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the negativity comes from people who lack the patience to find the heartbeat. And if the volume is too high you hear EVERYTHING else and that would make it about impossible to find what you’re listening for.

That’s about it this week, just a short update. 🙂

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