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Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday morning I got up with the alarms again, to stay on track with my sleep schedule. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then got on Conan to refresh the bases. Then I made the rounds on Aura Kingdom and DDO to check Auction House stuff.

Blade and Soul was having a patch day, and it wasn’t expected to be back online until about 1pm. I spent much of that time either scrolling through Facebook, or chatting with people on the Discord.

It was just as well, too. Casey was laying in my bed with his tablet, and then complained of a stomach ache. He hadn’t eaten yet at that point, and I suspected he had too much mucous in his belly. He got sick a couple times, and then went and laid in his bed to rest. A couple hours later, he was feeling much better and his fever had finally broken.

Once the game was finally back up, I created a new Assassin to play at a later time, and got her to where she could join the clan. Then I hopped back on my Gunslinger to work on some more storyline quests.

Continued working on that throughout the rest of the day.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, then got back to questing. Stayed up a little later than I should have, before finally going to bed myself.

Set my alarms for Thursday, but they didn’t wake me. When I finally got up around 9 or so, I grabbed some coffee and got parked on SL. Then I got on Blade and Soul to resume questing. At this point I just wanted to finish the main storyline, as well as max out my character.

Casey was feeling much better, still, but I had to keep him home anyway because he’d been sick and had a fever up until Wednesday afternoon. I made sure he kept resting, since his cough was still bad.

Casey spent a good part of the day laying around and playing on the Nintendo, while I played on my computer.

I wasn’t feeling the best myself, with a lot of head and chest congestion, so I ended up canceling the dentist appointment I was supposed to have Friday, as well as letting Cubmaster Scott know that I would not make it to the overnight adult leader training Friday night.

I got into an argument with some people on the discord server. One person, who I’m not that fond of anyway, has kept bugging me about adding a music bot to the server. I hate discord bots, so I wasn’t inclined to give in on account of someone else wanting it. I especially hate music bots, as it detracts from the conversation and spams the text chat with commands. Eventually, though, I felt as though everything were going to fall apart if I didn’t cave, and I couldn’t handle that, so I caved.

When Dave got home, he made some tacos, but he used cauliflower instead of meat. I wasn’t hungry at dinnertime, so I just kept questing for a while. When I did finally eat, around 9pm, I was not a fan of the tacos. I was still hungry afterward, so I made some toaster strudel.

Casey had gone to bed about on time, and I was still working on my questing on and off, up until I was ready for bed about 1:30am.

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