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Wednesday & Thursday

Got up Wednesday, got my latte, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then went back home and got on Portal Knights for a while. Cyn got on with me for a while, but then she was getting tired and I wanted to head to the store because we were out of white milk for my slim fast shakes.

While I was at the store, I saw the associate who’d given me his number to text him about deals on Samsungs with Verizon. I was talking to Colin at the time and hadn’t told him yet about when Neil had given me his number and that I didn’t think there’d be any reason for a sales associate to give out his number unless it was personal. So, though I’d exchanged pleasantries with Neil while wandering Electronics, I did not inquire about any specials. I headed over to where the water filters were and told Colin about that previous encounter. He agreed with me and kinda teased me a bit, which was reassuring. I texted Neil asking if there were any specials, while continuing my shopping. Grabbed a sandwich from Subway then headed home.

I compared my Galaxy S7’s specs to that of the S9+ and it would definitely be a worthwhile investment. Also, the deal through Walmart would save me $7 a month, which adds up to a good bit of savings over 24 months. So, I scheduled an appointment to meet with Neil after lunch and get the upgrade.

Normally when I do a phone upgrade, I don’t let them activate it right there, because I’m either talking on the phone or just the fact that it’s an inconvenience, especially since the new phone only had 28% battery and I had a limited time to get it set up before getting Casey from school. He didn’t really give me much of a choice, saying that it could happen when he clicked the button regardless. The call with Colin dropped with my service, so I’d have to wait to call him back until I got home. It wasn’t long after that and I was on my way with my new phone. Headed back home and called Colin back.

Talked with him on Hangouts over wifi on the old phone, while working on getting everything set up on the new phone. That was a time-consuming process that took the greater part of the rest of the day. I tried to at least hang out on Portal Knights while working on it, but I was way too distracted to even participate in chat with Cyn there.

Once everything was set up and ready to go, I relogged on Portal Knights and spent a bit of time trying to decide what quests to work on with Cyn there. Then it was time for bed.

Today I got up and got my latte, but didn’t switch to the computer for SL. Though I usually have Firestorm running for SL in one window while playing a game in another, let’s face the facts. The game will run better if SL is not running. I wanted to see if there would indeed be a difference throughout the day.

Spent the day on Portal Knights working on questing on my alt, since I hadn’t heard from Cyn much. But then when I heard from Colin, we were actually quite chatty for a bit and I didn’t want to distract myself from the conversation. So I ended up just hanging out on Portal Knights while working on laundry and talking to Colin.

I had to wash my bedding because of my constant overheating. So, I decided to try using the quilt I used to always use inside the duvet cover instead of the down alternative comforter. It was a pain in the ass to get it in there, but once I remembered that I’d bought the king size quilt I came up with a clever strategy. I folded the extra length of the quilt a couple inches and used tiny binder clips to secure it. Doing that allowed me to get it into the duvet cover and I was finally able to make my bed.

Unfortunately, the time caught up with me though and I had to go get Casey before the bed was fully made. Went and picked him up, then we headed back home. On the way home, he said that he was sad he didn’t see me at the library today. I asked him about it and he told me that other parents were there and that his teacher said that not all parents could come. I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about, so when we got home the first thing I did was look through all the paperwork that has come in his folder lately, which was fruitless so I sent an email to his teacher about it.

She said that today was his Kindergarten Celebration at the library, and that the information had been sent home on Friday in their folders as well as emailed. I checked through everything from his folder again, and then checked my email and found nothing about a celebration. I let his teacher know that we were upset about not making it, and that I just hadn’t gotten the information. I don’t know what the deal is with email sometimes, but it’s not as reliable as one would think. I’m constantly discovering that Scoutbook, the platform used for Cub Scouts affairs, isn’t reliable in getting emails out either.

Casey didn’t get on the toilet as usual, oops. I got the oven preheated so we could bake cookies together, and finished making my bed. I read through the baking instructions and saw that the butter needed to be room temperature, so I’d have to leave it sitting out for a while. Casey occupied himself with his tablet.

Dave got home around then and asked Casey how his day was. Casey started to tell him a bit, but he wasn’t telling him the part about me having missed the Celebration. I started to tell Dave, but he cut me off and started bitching at me about “I’ve been telling you for the last 17 years that you need to let me get in the house and get situated before you start talking to me.” He asked how Casey’s day was and I was trying to tell him what Casey was leaving out! I can’t even do that much? What a fucking prick. I told Cyn and my mom about that and my mom said that I need to let it go, he’s just not worth it. I told her, he’s not worth anything to me anymore.

Finally got to bake the cookies, but they didn’t turn out as I would have liked. I think, for cookies, I won’t buy the “just add butter and egg” mixes anymore. Every time I make them this is how they turn out — an oily disaster. That’s going to be hell to clean up. I should have cleaned it up right away, as in the residue on the pans, but I just didn’t have it in me after the stresses of the day.

Went ahead and hopped in the shower, then started scrolling through stuff on Facebook for a while to occupy myself. I got Casey a quick bath, but for some reason there was hardly any hot water left so it was pretty cold. I was so proud of him for how well he handled it, still getting the job done and not freaking out about it being so cold.

Got him tucked into bed, and then put on my shows. I ended up watching two episodes of NCIS because the second was a continuation of the first. It just made sense to watch those back to back.

Once NCIS was done, it was getting close to bedtime, so I typed this up super fast and started getting ready for bed.

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