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Wednesday & Thursday

Sometimes I just don’t even know what to post.

Tuesday night slept the same as always. Woke up the same as always. Got Casey off to school, the same as always.

Got dressed on SL, did my gardening on Wiz, and hopped on Sims 4.

Heard from Colin earlier than expected, which was nice. He’d been up for quite a while, though, and was exhausted, so we didn’t talk very long.

Dave bought a new pair of shoes at a sporting good’s store. I think the only reason I knew about it as soon as I did was because I got a text alert asking for me to verify the transaction. I wasn’t upset, well not once I knew it was shoes he’d bought. And he said he got them for $40 cheaper than Amazon, where he’s been buying them the last few times, so I thanked him for price comparing.

I’d gotten a notice on SL at one point about a popular mesh body being only L$500. That’s super cheap, mesh bodies are never that cheap! I checked it out, and it was legit. They knocked L$4500 off the price for some special. I bought it. Then I found out that I wouldn’t be able to apply my avatar’s tattoos to that body. I contacted the lady who designed my tattoos, asking if she could do one for the new body.

Got back on Sims after an afternoon without it.

Colin was having trouble getting to sleep, so we talked again for a little while.

Dinner was Home Chef, it was supposed to be steak strips but it was from when the shipment had arrived late so Dave had picked up beef rib meat for it. And then there was a creamy corn risotto with it. The risotto could have used a little something extra, not sure what though. The rib meat with their seasoning was to die for!!

After dinner was more of the Sims. I kept having my Sim go to various lounges, bars, and clubs. She kept running into the same NPC at every one. I was starting to suspect she had a stalker, lol.

Got Casey to bed and got back on Sims. I wasn’t on long, though. I ended up playing Grub Guardian, a Wizard101 extension game that’s on Android. I have it on my kindle and phone. I was trying to beat a certain level on it and was having a hard time. In the game, you can choose to play for pet experience or for Wiz prizes, I always go for the Wiz prizes.

Ended up getting to bed later than intended.

Slept the same Wednesday night as every other night. Got up the same Thursday morning as every other morning. Got Casey up and off to school.

Got on the computer, got dressed in SL, and then ended up spending more time than usual on my Wiz gardens. They’d announced double gardening bonuses, so I was harvesting elder plants that I’d been holding on to for just that. Afterward, I used what energy I had left to replant lol.

Hopped on Sims and started playing that more. Didn’t have it in me really to play long, though.

Got Casey off the bus and almost gave him his lunch like every other day, but decided we’d skip town and get to Onalaska early for my appointment.

We had lunch at McDonald’s. I had the Mushroom Swiss Melt, Casey had his usual Happy Meal with chicken nuggets. They had mini games as the toys this time, and Casey had said he wanted Hungry Hippo. I asked them if they had it and they did! He was so happy!

He ate a bit, then played, then ate, then played. After he’d finally had about half his meal, I got us some ice cream to share. I was craving it, otherwise I’d have made him finish the last 2 nuggets and few fries that were left.

We headed, next, to my post-op appointment. I was meeting with the Nurse Practitioner. I swear, though, sometimes the NPs are more knowledgeable than the doctors lol. She went over, in detail, all the images from my procedure, explaining to me the levels of severity of my cartilage in each image. Basically, I had some pretty bad cartilage. What they call stage 4. Bone peeking through.

Then she wanted to examine my knee and see how it was doing now. She asked about my pain level. I told her it’s been bad, my knee cap won’t stay in place and it’s killing me. She, very gently, went to touch my knee, and I ended up in tears from the pain. I talked with her about how I hadn’t been able to take the percocet, because of the interaction with my zoloft. That I’d been treating my pain with just aleve and tylenol. She suggested tramadol, which I remember taking in the past. So, she gave me a prescription for that. She also told me that, based on how I’ve been recovering, basically my procedure was a failure.

They’d gone in from below the knee cap and were doing the work above the knee cap. So, they were moving the tools around the knee cap to get to where they were working. Well, now my knee is basically po’d that they’d done the work, that’s why my knee cap won’t stay in place anymore.

I will inevitably require total knee replacement at some point in the future. Right now, though, I’m too young and need to lose some weight. She referred me to a nutritionist, and also put in a referral for more physical therapy. Unfortunately, given what happened the last time I tried PT, I don’t hold out much hope for it. I’m to go back in 4 weeks for another appointment, at which point they’re going to consider a cortisone injection. I’d rather avoid that, if possible, but am pretty sure I’ll end up getting it. Another month after that, hopefully the inflammation will be down enough that they can measure me for a different kind of knee brace that would be ideal for me with my condition. She’d said she didn’t like the setup I was using for knee braces anyway.

So, for now, it’s a wait and see game. Wait and see how the new pain pills do. Wait and see how I am in another month. Wait and see for another month after that, to see if I’m ready for a knee brace. Wait and see when they will finally fix my freaking knee.

After the appointment, I took Casey over to Toys R Us. It would probably be our last chance to shop there, so I let him go kinda nuts with picking out toys. I also got a couple adult coloring books for myself, and a Sega Genesis system for the family. Dave had said we could get a retro console if they ever went on sale, and they haven’t gone on sale until now. Our total would have been $300, we paid $160. Some things were 60% off, most were 40% off. Most of the haul from the toy store would be tucked away for his birthday and Christmas. The Thomas Minis and the Hot Wheels would be set aside for him to earn, by either being super helpful or pooping lol.

I was pretty beat after Toys R Us, but Casey wanted to go to Walmart to get his hair cut. I almost refused, but then remembered I needed the prescription filled anyway. Plus, I’d ordered something at that Cost Cutters that they’d been holding for a couple months, because I never made it back in with my knee pain. So, we went in, checked him in for his haircut, then turned in the prescription at the pharmacy, then went and waited for the stylist to be ready for him. Once his hair was cut, we picked up the prescription. I actually had to show my ID to get it, lol.

After Walmart, we headed to Carlos O’Kelley’s for dinner. I was already hungry, so instead of driving home and cooking, I figured this was a safer choice. I let Dave know what we were doing, and that there was a quick Home Chef in the fridge if he wanted. I had some fish tacos, Casey had a bean and cheese taco.

After dinner, we finally drove back home. When we pulled in the driveway, I was not surprised to see Dave was already home. I jokingly asked Casey what he thought daddy would say about us buying so many toys. He went on in a “pretending to be daddy” voice about spending so much money and so on. It was cute.

When we got in the door, we showed Dave each toy. He wasn’t upset that we’d gotten so much. I think if he had been with us, we probably would have left with more lol. We let Casey pick 2 things to have now, then separated out the Minis and Hot Wheels, and I put the rest downstairs.

I let Casey relax for a little while with his tablet, and then got a bath started so he could watch his itchies off from his hair cut. He wanted his tablet propped up so he could watch it while he soaked, so I let him do that. I’d rather him soak so I could keep resting anyway.

While he was in the bath, I looked up the possible drug interactions with the tramadol. I was infuriated to discover that it also has the potential to cause Seratonin Syndrome. When I’d had the issue with the percocet, I neglected to inform the doctor about it and just opted to treat my pain with the aleve and tylenol, expecting it to go away after a while. This time, with the amount of pain I was still in and learning that it probably wouldn’t go away, I decided to contact the doctor’s office. I sent a message through the online system, and included the information from

After Casey’s bath, it was already pretty late and he actually had school the next day this week, from snow days, so I got him to bed.

Once I was done reading to him, I came back to my computer, shut it down, and played some more Grub Guardian before bed. Got to bed later than I wanted again, though. But not as bad as the night before.

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