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Wednesday & Thursday

Oops, I did it again…

Slept ok Tuesday night, and got up better Wednesday morning. Got Casey up and ready for school. Took and dropped him off, then came back home.

Got on SL and parked, then hopped on Wiz to tend my gardens. Didn’t have much time, though, before I had to go to physical therapy at 9:30. It went ok, but had to tell her about Woodman’s and the aftermath. She did some observation of my movements and had me try some things, and suggested it was possible I’d been walking with my leg out too far, favoring it too much, and that’s what made it worse. Possibly?

On the way home, I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and got a breakfast sandwhich and a donut. Both were pretty darn yummy.

Then I got on DDO (Dungeons & Dragons) with Colin. Autumn messaged me on Discord at one point, and mentioned that she’d ask me to play Wiz with her, but that DDO was probably a lot more fun. Idk, I like them both about the same, tbh.

Had to try and go afk from DDO when it was time to pick up Casey, but got disconnected minutes before I was back. Oh well. Thankfully, it dropped me back in right where I’d been standing when it cut.

Casey was on the Nintendo right away after he got home, so I just kept playing DDO with Colin.

Once Colin went off for the day, I grabbed some dinner. I was quite hungry, so I had the lean cuisine meal and then also reheated the leftover meat mixture from the night before, which there wasn’t a whole lot left of. Casey had his leftover chicken nuggets & french fries.

After I was done eating, having not heard from Autumn yet, I decided to do some reading.

Spent the rest of the evening mostly doing that. Got Casey to bed on time and read until about 11, I think.

Slept ok, and got up better again on Thursday. Got Casey up, later than I would have liked. Got him ready and off to school, then came straight back home.

Got on SL and changed the colors of my clothes, then hit Wiz to check my gardens.

Colin and I ended up getting on Minecraft, to mix things up a bit. We went to the Nether to try and find more Wither Skelly’s for their heads. We were having trouble finding any, and even switched to “normal” difficulty (from “easy”) to try and increase the volume. That didn’t work either. I told Colin about another fortress we’d seen, and we decided to wander a bit to try and find it. We found it, and I got killed by a Blaze. Colin said he could tell because he’d seen my stuff spilling into the lava. Great. So, he went to try to get whatever of my stuff was left, and then asked for permission to destroy the Blaze spawner. I told him to go for it, and he got killed in the process. Great. I wasn’t far from the spot where we’d been, so waited for him to meet back up with me. We carefully made our way back there, again, and I destroyed the spawner as fast as I could, with neither of us getting killed that time. Colin handed me a few things he was pretty sure were mine, and I handed me the stuff I thought was his. Ended up that I’d lost at half of my belongings in the lava, possibly all of them. I was devastated. I’d worked so hard to get the books and the levels needed to make my armor, and it was all in the lava. And numerous other items, but that was going to be the hardest. It’d take at least 5 mending books to make what I knew for sure I’d lost. That’d take SOOO much fishing. I switched the realm to Peaceful mode so I would at least be able to fish without worrying about my safety. It would let me hold more things, since I wouldn’t have to carry weapons or food with me.

I wasn’t in the mood to start on that then, though, so Colin and I ended up getting on DDO for a bit. Neither of us was up for much, but we had a portion of a quest to finish up that we didn’t mind working on. It was just to kill so many enemies, and it was a pretty high number we needed. So, we worked on that for a while.

Went and picked Casey up from school. He went straight to his tablet. I ended up looking at the backup and restore option on Minecraft. There were backups available from 5 hours before that, which should have been shortly after we’d gotten on, but before we’d both gotten killed. If I could just restore to that point, then I would be able to keep my stuff. We hadn’t actually made any real progress that day, just the heartbreaking loss of all our stuff. I made an attempt, but it failed, so I tried again. While it was doing it’s thing, I went and made some chicken fried rice in the skillet for dinner. When that was done, I came back, and it was still working on it. I left it while I ate. It was a total of about an hour and a half after I began, when Minecraft started acting funny. So, I closed and started again. I went away from the computer again for a minute, and when I came back it was at the screen to choose what backup to restore to. I didn’t see any messages about success or failure, so I loaded the game up. I was in the Nether, and had all my stuff! YAY!

I couldn’t be bothered actually playing Minecraft, still bothered by what had happened earlier, so I just made my way home and hopped on Wiz instead. I looked into the Monstrodome, not knowing what it was. It’s something you place in your house, and place summoning treasure cards in, and then when you “enter” it, you battle those “monsters.” And apparently, you can get the drops from the enemies. That could come in real handy! But, you’d have to defeat the enemy countless times to get enough “animus” to make the treasure card to put into the monstrodome. I suppose it’ll be handy to do some higher level bosses for my alternate characters to be able to go in and get nice gear earlier than they otherwise would.

I worked on Monstrology for a while, but eventually had had enough of it. So, I went from world to world buying recipes from all the vendors. I started to feel sleepy earlier than I wanted, so after pressing on and finishing getting the recipes, I got off and tried to read. I only made it a couple pages before I started falling asleep. So, I forced myself to get back up and get ready for bed. It was only about 11 when I went to bed.

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