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Wednesday & Thursday

Ended up watching another episode of 13 Reasons Why Tuesday night. Slept ok, but had a lot of trouble getting up again Wednesday morning.

Casey was already up, of course, and probably had even already run out of time on his tablet by the time I got up.

Got my coffee, got on Aura to do the Temple of the Eidolons as fast as I could, then took care of my gardens on Wiz and my dice roll on DDO. Then it was back to Aura. Spent some time working on dungeons to get the level 70 gear, only to realize that the dungeons are level 66 and may not provide level 70 gear. Which means, I’ll need to work on questing, and leveling up without the level 70 gear, just to get the damn level 70 gear. That kinda sucks. I did find some crafting recipes for parts of the gear, but not for the gear itself. I’m not even going to waste my time trying to hunt down the materials needed if I don’t know for sure I can come up with the recipes I need.

Was on Aura on and off throughout the day, but did take a break from it in the mid-afternoon to take Casey across the street to Courtney’s to play with her sons, Mick and Chip. Casey likes playing with them, but they’re usually too busy with one thing or another for us to get together. It was nice to sit and chat with Courtney while the boys all played. She does yell at her kids a lot, but it’s twin 7 year old boys and one of them is a constant headache (Mick) for her. Gotta give her props, though. She’s single-parenting for a year while her husband is out of the country.

Dave got home right before we came back home, and went outside to mow the lawn.

Once we got back home, I grabbed some food and tried to get back on Aura, only to discover the internet was out. A modem/router reboot didn’t help, so I ended up calling tech support for our cable provider. They said an outage in the area was declared 2 minutes prior. Wonderful. I ended up plugging my phone in as a mobile hotspot, but it wasn’t working properly, it just wasn’t fast enough.

Casey was relaxing and watching Disney Junior downstairs. Just glad he didn’t want to get on the Roku, since the internet wasn’t working. We’d actually unplugged the Roku earlier, because it was overheating and not working properly itself.

Around 8pm, I asked Casey to sit on the toilet and try to poop, that he needs to do it every day. He pitched an absolute fit about it, and ended up getting all his electronics taken away, and Dave even locked his playroom door. The electronics are the problem, though, not the play room. But whatever.

Got Casey to bed by 8:30, though, because he only sat on the toilet for a few minutes and I knew he was tired.

After that, I got a few things done on Aura, and then watched another episode of 13 Reasons Why. When that was done, I did a couple more things on Aura, but then my internet cut out again so I threw in the towel and went to bed. I twas not much past 11.

Slept ok, but had trouble getting out of bed on time to get ready for my Physical Therapy appointment. Managed to get in a cup of coffee an a battle in the Temple of Eidolons before it was time to go.

Cutie Pierce worked with me again. I told him I was still pretty sore, but not quite as bad as the other day. We went through exercises and did a few new things. One involved just stepping up onto a platform, and it was causing pain. I explained my surprise, because at home I climb the stairs without difficulty, it’s going down them that gives me trouble. Went through the motion again and again, and my knee ended up cracking, and felt better. Then I was able to do the exercise properly.

After Physical Therapy, we just came home. I was tired, but grabbed some more coffee and got back on Aura. Went back to dungeons, but this time for the materials needed to craft a new grimoire. I was having trouble finding them, so ended up posting in World Chat that I was looking for them. One person sent me some for 1 gold each, and another sent me just the 3 I needed without asking for cash in return. That was nice of them! With that, I was able to craft my awesome grimoire.

Also worked on crafting gear for my Eidolons, to boost their stats. That’s valuable since they *almost always* fight with me against monsters. I had trouble finding some of the materials again, so did the same thing and it worked, got what I needed.

A little before 4, I remembered that Casey needed a bath before we had to go to the open house at his school. I asked him to get in the bath, and he asked if he could watch something on the computer while he was in there. I felt he needed a break from watching stuff, so I told him no. He ended up pitching an other fit. But, finally got in the bath with a bath toy and soaked for a while.

Dave got home while Casey was still soaking, so I got him washed up and dressed and we headed to the school.

It was busy, lots of cars parked along the road even, but we managed to find a spot in the school’s parking lot. Went in, grabbed the paperwork, I filled it out while Dave took Casey to get his class picture, and then we went down to Casey’s classroom to meet his teacher. He got to grab a goodie back to bring home, and we already have homework to work on before the first day of school. He was, oddly, incredible bashful while we were at the school, even despite seeing a few of his friends.

After we were done at the school, we headed to Culver’s for dinner. I had my usual. Once we were done eating our meals, we grabbed some ice creams for dessert. I ordered the smalls but they were bigger than kid sizes. I shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing, but I did. Shortly after we got home, my lactose sensitivity caused a mild panic attack. Should have known better.

Oh, while we were at dinner, I texted Dave’s brother (Dave had left his phone at home) to get a status update on Casey’s new baby cousin. Mommy was induced today and we found out baby girl was born at 5:50pm! We got to see a picture, but still don’t know her name. We’ll know soon enough!

Got on Aura for a few, just doing some miscellaneous daily tasks, and then got in the shower. It was about 8:30 and Casey was downstairs watching stuff on the Roku. When I got out of the shower, Dave was asking Casey to do his important stuff. All I really heard out of it was “Mommy was too busy taking a shower to take care of you.” Fucking prick. What am I supposed to do, not take my shower? Not like Casey can’t go in an do his important stuff while I’m in the shower.

Casey put up a fuss about getting his important stuff done, but eventually relented and at least let me help him get it done before bed. Got him all tucked in.

Got back on Aura, but also took care of my free book & paid emails, then started on this. I’m already tired, but determined to stay up at least another half hour, so I can do the Temple of the Eidolons again before bed. I never did get my gardens tended on Wiz or my daily dice roll done on DDO, but oh well, it’ll be there tomorrow.

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