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Wednesday & Thursday

Slept in a bit on Wednesday morning. Got my latte, got on SL to park, then got on Conan for a while. Spent some more time working on the downsizing process for the desert base.

I spent a fair bit of time looking at computer desks online. I’d been unhappy with mine for years for a couple reasons. First, it was leaning forward a bit, more on one side than the other, just from being so cheap. Also, again because it was so cheap, a lot of the paint had worn away on the surface. I wouldn’t exactly be able to afford to get anything too fancy, but thanks to the money my parents sent for Christmas I should be able to get something.

After an extensive search of various sites online, I ended up heading to Walmart to see what they had in stock. I found something that I felt would work, as well as a little organizer carousel for some stuff I’d been keeping on top of another little organizer box.

Came home with my purchases, and began the hard work of assembling the new desk. It took a few hours, and a couple pieces broke in the process. One bit I was able to rig to work, but then the drawer fell out when I was working on another part and it broke. I should be able to order a few parts online, possibly even without having to pay for them.

After getting everything set back up, I sat at my new desk. The laptop was sitting several inches higher than the old desk, because it was on the “printer stand” that was built into the desk. I couldn’t decide if I liked it that high or not, but I have it sitting on a monitor stand and can always move that if need be. My laptop is a 2-in-1, so I always have it folded back as though it were in tablet mode and just use an external mouse and keyboard. In the meantime, I’d keep giving it a shot with it more elevated.

Spent some time on Conan while talking to Colin. I’d made what I felt was a big step. Dave had gotten home from a date not long before, and about as soon as he went to bed I got on the call with Colin. I usually wait until there’s a good chance Dave’s asleep, so he won’t hear me talking to anybody. This time, I thought I’d give it a shot. After all, he’d just gotten home from a date with a girl, why can’t I talk on the phone to my “internet boyfriend”? Didn’t stay up too late before going to bed.

Slept ok but woke up not feeling very well. I had a sore throat and sinus congestion, the cold that my body’s been trying to avoid since the start of the school year. Got my latte and got on SL to park, then hopped on Conan for a few. Wasn’t really in the mood to play it, though.

So, I ended up getting on Wiz. Spent a fortune of crowns on stuff for no good reason other than I wanted to. It was my own money going into it, so why not spoil myself a bit? I won’t be able to for much longer unless I find at least a part time job. Or, God forbid, actually spend time working on my crowdsourcing tasks I’ve been assigned to.

After that I took care of my free book and paid emails. Then I hopped on Aura Kingdom. I hadn’t checked in on there in so long, they returned all my housing items to me. Got everything set back up. Not exactly the same, but in a way I like. Possibly even more than how it was before.

Ended up getting on a call with Colin somewhere in there, after Dave had gone to bed. He was doing some other stuff while I continued messing around on Aura Kingdom.

Once I was done on Aura Kingdom, I launched Fallout. Colin and I hadn’t played it since before launch day, so I figured I may as well get on. Had to figure out the controls again, but it was somewhere in the back of my mind how to do most things. Colin ended up getting on there as well, and followed my character around. I got my quest to the same point where Colin had left off on that character of his, and then it was about 3am so I called it a night.

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