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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Three days in a row of not writing in the Panda Planner. I need to get back into it. It helps me feel more positive.

I picked up a grocery order from Walmart right after dropping Casey off at school. I’d tried to place an order to pick up the previous evening, but the order hadn’t gone through. So I placed the order again, and an hour or two later got an email about the first order. So, I had to call them from the parking lot to determine which order they had out there for me to pick up so they could cancel the other one. It all got straightened out, and I took my groceries home and put everything away.

I spent a fair bit of time during the day playing Black Desert. The first part of it was the travel back to the mainland from Margoria. That was stressful again because Shawn kept getting us lost. It wasn’t his fault, but he was driving the boat lol.

Once back on the mainland, I spent a good bit of time training a new T8 horse. Later at night, I did some Rift Bosses and the Halloween quests.

After picking Casey up from school, we had his IEP. We went through everything from the evaluation I asked them to perform, and finally, I got the news I’d been waiting for. Casey met the criteria for an educational determination of Autism. This means he is Autistic, and will finally get increased support at school that he very much needs.

I ended up sending a text to Brad saying “Guess I’ll hear from you when I hear from you,” and reminded him that it’s been a couple weeks now. I need to stop myself from texting him again until I do hear from him.

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