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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I signed up for an online dog training program to teach me how to train Cassie. I need to get control of her barking during certain circumstances, like when I’m out of sight and when she spots other dogs or people. I spent a fair bit of time reading the information.

Casey said he wanted to stay with Dave, so after he ate I took him over there. Then, I stopped by Walmart to try and see if I could pick up an order I’d placed for a dog crate and a crate pad. If nothing else, I’d just get the items and cancel the order. Unfortunately, the crate was not in stock. They were supposed to have 2 out on the shelf, but they were not there. I asked for someone to see if my order had already been picked, and it hadn’t been. There weren’t any crates in the back, either, so I ended up going to Tractor Supply to get one. Cassie had already been crate trained, so at least I knew I wouldn’t have a problem getting her to use it. Her previous owner may have kennel abused her, but her foster family had taught her to be ok with it again.

Once home, I set the crate up and she went right in, making herself at home. I let her go in and out as she wanted at first, but then when I took a shower I had her go in and locked the gate. She barked a few times and then was whining quite a bit. When I got out of the shower, I let her out for a while. Then, around 7:30, I put her back in for about 20 minutes. She barked and whined again the whole time. She just does not like not being able to see me. I really need her to not be barking the whole time I’m gone, though.

I heard from my boss, asking if I could work 7am to 3pm on Sunday at the truck stop. I need the hours, so I said I could. It’ll be hard to get up that early, but at least now I have Cassie to help wake me up. So, between the two shifts I picked up for that pay week, I went from having a total of 8 hours scheduled to having 20. Thank goodness!

Shawn and I farmed trees for a little while on Black Desert, but I ended up going to bed a bit early.

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