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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Greg didn’t have to be at work until 1 and had told me the night before to text him in the morning. He said that if he didn’t answer the text I should call and if he didn’t answer the call to knock on the door. So, I texted him when I got up, then again when I was heading to drop Casey off. Then I called as I was leaving the school. I got no responses, so I went and knocked on the door. It took a couple minutes, but he answered and got his stuff together quick.

We stopped by Kwik Trip so he could get a few things, then he remembered something he’d left at the house so we stopped back there again before heading to my apartment. We spent a few hours together before I took him to work at the grocery store, stopping by his house on the way so he could grab something again.

I picked Casey up a bit early so we could get to his therapy appointment on time. The appointment went pretty well. I let Faith know about the problems he’s been having at school and that I feel we need to work on his social skills more.

After his therapy visit was done, we headed home for the night. I messed around on Facebook while he played with his things for only a little while since he’d had a rough day at school the day before.

Greg wasn’t able to come over again, so we talked on the phone for a while before bed. It’s lonely at home without him, even with Casey there, but I need to be careful about how often he visits anyway.

One of my neighbors told me that they’re trying to evict her because someone is complaining that she has her boyfriend living with her, that she has guys coming and going all times of the night and that her kids don’t live with her. None of that is true, but the landlord has been snooping around as a result. Christine said she thinks it’s probably her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s sister, who lives in one of the other units, making the false claims. We’re only supposed to have visitors a maximum of 14 days and/or nights per year. That’s ridiculous! And I can’t add Greg to the lease because of his drug convictions. In 4 1/2 years, I should be able to, but that’s a LONG way off.

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