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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, and made sure to get Casey dressed and ready for summer school. I dropped him off, then headed back home.

I got a call from the school that Casey was upset and crying in the hall. I gave them a suggestion to see if they could calm him down, but I got another phone call a while later asking if I could come and talk to him.

Apparently, they were all sitting on the rug and other kids were in front of Casey blocking his view. He got upset and started screaming that he couldn’t see. He wouldn’t listen to their suggestion on moving to another spot on the rug, and Mrs. Conner tried to see if he would go get some water and take a breather. He refused, so her aide started to push Casey out into the hallway. Once he was finally in the hallway, he cried for 45 minutes until I got there.

Now, I know my son. I know how hard he will push back if you’re trying to push him somewhere he doesn’t want to go. I know the force that would be required to get him to comply. And I do not think that is an appropriate amount of force for someone at the school to be using on my child! Not to say that Casey was in the right, but they needed to handle the situation better.

I headed back home, biting my tongue for the time being. I finished with my free book & paid emails, then got on Grand Theft Auto. I played on there until it was time to go pick Casey up at the end of the day, thankful that there were no more phone calls.

Casey and I hung out for a few more hours after school, then I dropped him off with Dave since I had to work.

Work went well, with everything getting done pretty much on time. Afterward, I headed home and wound down for bed.

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