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Yeah, ended up getting to bed late on Tuesday night. There was a lightning storm in Minecraft that killed one of Autumn’s sheep, and we stayed up late getting supplies to build a huge rainbow colored dome around her house. I also spent some time moving my chests to a storage room below ground to keep my supplies safe. But, I love my house the way it is, so I’ll just risk it. I can always rebuild the house if it burns down, and I can always replace sheep. I think it was around 3am when we called it a night.

Slept the same as I have been, but managed to get up ok. Casey was still in his bed, too, but got up when I got up. Got him some breakfast and got my coffee, then headed to the computer to do my stuff. Got on SL and got dressed and then hit up Minecraft.

Casey joined me for Minecraft not much later, and we played on and off all day. I made him take breaks from time to time so he wouldn’t get sore. He was good about taking breaks.

In the afternoon, Dave sent me a text about going to the Dells this weekend for a Duck Boat tour. They’re these old army boats that drive on land as well. I looked into it and decided staying there a couple nights would be nice. I sent him a text back, poorly worded, that while we’re adding to our credit card debt we may as well get extra gifts for his brother’s wife’s baby shower. Well, being as it was so poorly worded, he responded with a nevermind, that he was just going to go visit his mom for 2 weeks because he needed a break from me. I apologized for my poorly worded text and tried clarifying what I meant by it, but he wouldn’t respond.

He got home around 5 and still wasn’t saying anything to me about it. I was doing some chores at the time, getting laundry going and scooping the litter box. I’d just eaten dinner, a lean cuisine mac & cheese, and Casey was still working on his mac & cheese.

After that I headed back to the computer and back to Minecraft. I could hear Dave in the kitchen with Casey, trying to persuade him to eat a grape. The argument went on for probably an hour. I don’t know if Casey ever ate the grape.

Then Casey had to go to the bathroom. Conveniently enough, Dave was also in the bathroom and I started having a panic attack and needed the bathroom as well. Really, 2 bathrooms is usually enough, but times like that…

Thankfully the panic attack didn’t last very long and I was back to enjoying Minecraft while Casey soaked in the bath. After he was done with his bath, he said he was hungry again. So while he was eating, I was still playing Minecraft lol. After he was done eating, I let him get back on for half an hour. Then it was time to do his important stuff and get him tucked in.

After he was tucked in, it was back to the mines. I got lost, actually, in my mine. I’d found a cave system in my mine and got lost. Autumn was ready to get back on not long after, so I had to relog. I was standing near lava when I signed out, because I was trying to fill a bucket with some for my furnace. When I logged back in, I was above ground. I was worried I’d lost all the iron I’d got from down below, but I hadn’t. So, I’m not sure how I ended up back above ground, but considering I’d been lost I can’t complain.

I did go back down to the mine, but just to get lava from the spot where I knew it was. I worked on smelting some cobblestone to make regular stone. I helped Autumn make some glass and chop down a tree, and did a few other miscellaneous things. Next thing I knew, it was about 1:30am and I was dozing off. So, I told Autumn I thought it was time for bed soon, and she said she was at a stopping point anyway, so we called it a night.

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