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I should have written about Wednesday on Wednesday because I was that livid about how the whole day went.

But to start at the beginning, I slept ok and got up on time to get Casey up and off to school on time. I drove him to school with his cupcakes and had breakfast with him before walking him to his classroom. He was wearing a “Birthday Boy” shirt, so I told him not to be surprised if he heard a lot of “Happy Birthday” greetings from people.

Got home, got some coffee, and went about with my usual. SL to park, Wiz to garden, and DDO for dice roll. Then it was on to Aura Kingdom, on and off.

Got the dishes taken care of and meat thawing for chili I planned to make for dinner in the crock pot. Also got the kitchen table cleared off and cleaned up for when it was time to decorate.

A little before 11, I headed to Walmart to get the decorations. I probably didn’t need to get there that early, because I wasn’t picking up the cake until noon, but I was hoping to get it a little early. I had a busy day ahead of me, and needed to finish everything before 3:10, when it’d be time to head to the bus stop.

Unfortunately, there were no Mario decorations to match the cake we were getting, but considering his first gifts of the day were Minecraft and I planned to get him Thomas the Train stuff, it didn’t really matter. So, I ended up with a whole bunch of Paw Patrol stuff, since he really likes that show as well.

So, once all that was picked out, I headed over to get the cake. This is where the fun begins, so I’ll prelude the fun by pointing out that I was not using a cane and walking just fine that whole time!!

I give the girl my name and she knows exactly which cake it is just from that information. She’d made it herself and was very proud! She goes back to get it, brings it out, and it’s ENORMOUS. I was expecting a cake that feeds 24 for our little family of 3. The cake she’d worked so hard to make feeds NINETY-SIX! She said she could tell by my facial expression it was NOT what I was expecting. I explained our family size and she said she’d call a manager over and she was sure they’d just do a price adjustment, since the cake had already been made. She asked if the gal who’d taken the order had clarified with me the size of the cake I was asking for, and I said well no, I ordered the sheet cake, not aware there were different sizes of sheet cake, but that she didn’t ask.

So the managers come over, two of them not just one, and the situation gets explained to them. One of the managers was actually the one who’d interviewed me for a job way back when we first moved here, and I never got back with him because so much was going on, and then my knee happened. The other manager I’d had experience with as well, when someone knocked Casey over by the fish aquariums. Anyway, so the situation is explained to them and the manager who’d interviewed me before asked when I needed the cake by. I said, in like, an hour and a half or so. Eyes are widening, jaws are dropping. The girl who’d made the first cake said she could get it done on time. The managers ask if she’s sure, and she says, confidently, that she can. I sure as hell hope so!

I can’t believe they were going to make the poor girl make a whole new cake for me. I mean, what’s going to happen to this enormous cake that was already made??

I make my way towards the checkout to pay for the decorations, and call Dave to let him know what happened. He said I should have just gotten that cake, that he’d take some to work. I explained it would have been a $50 cake instead of $25 and he was like, oh, yeah, nevermind.


While I was talking to Dave on the phone, but carefully monitoring the registers (self-checkout) for an opening, suddenly this dude walks past me and over to a register where a lady is still bagging her groceries, and starts scanning his stuff. I said, “excuse me, sir?” but of course was ignored. A few people were all done right after that, so I walk over and start scanning my stuff. Now, this is RIGHT AFTER the incident with the cake, where they made one four times the size I needed because the lady who took the order didn’t ask me enough questions. And this is with me already being stressed out because there was too much to get done today before 3:10 and I had a dental appointment in the middle of all of it. So I was already at the end of my rope. So, when the guy is done scanning his stuff, I YELL, “most people learn in preschool not to cut in line!” He was all like, “you were too busy talking on the phone and not paying attention, there were two registers open” I said “no there weren’t! you cut in front of someone who was still bagging her groceries to start scanning your stuff!” “well you were talking on the phone and” “NEXT TIME JUST MINE YOUR MANNERS!” So after I was done and on my way out the door, I was paranoid that this asshole was going to run over me in the parking lot or something, but I didn’t see anything suspicious. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw him standing outside the building smoking a cigarette. Yeah, buddy, cut in front of me like a 2 year old one more time and you’re gonna need a lot more than just one of those!!

So, clearly I’m not having the best day at this point.

I head home and decorate the table for when Casey gets home from school. We had been surprising him the morning of his birthday by getting it done the night before, but things have hectic lately and I hadn’t even gotten the decorations, so, at least I was getting to surprise him when he’d get home from school.

I sat down for a short while before it was time to go to my dentist appointment.

I get to the denist appointment a few minutes early, but not by much. Get called back a little after my appointment time. But it’s just a cleaning and exam, right?


They had me slotted for a full new patient exam, and planned to take a TON of pictures, and possibly also do the cleaning and exam on top of it. They expected it to take AN HOUR AND A HALF! I was like, uh, no, I need to be out of here before 2! So we get started, her saying she’d do her best. Well, honestly lady, if it comes time that I gotta go, I gotta go!

By a TON of pictures, it was really a TON of pictures. A 3-d type picture of my jaw/teeth, standard xrays you’d expect, pictures with a digital camera of me smiling, and then a picture of each individual tooth with an in-mouth camera. She showed me pictures of the gum recession and bone loss, explained the hazard of having a tongue ring, that the gums in the back bottom teeth are pretty bad (they are). She gets the dentist and we have a chat about my jaw tension and mouth guard and he does a quick exam and, 10 minutes past 2, I am on my way out.

I go straight to Walmart to pick up the cake, and it’s the right size and looked great! Thank God! Then I go home and have to decide, do I want to cook or wrap presents? I don’t have time for both before it’s time to get Casey from the bus stop!

I was going to get everything in the crock pot, but I go to cut open the package of meat, which had been in the freezer prior to that morning, and it smelled rancid. So, I threw away that meat and everything from the freezer that I hadn’t *just* bought. I got the beans and tomatoes in, so they’d be hot for when I added the meat later.

So, I go to start wrapping presents and realize.. I FORGOT TO BUY NEW WRAPPING PAPER!!! I checked the front closet, relieved to see a roll, but then immediately disappointed to see that not much is left on it. I’d have to be careful and try and make it go as far as possible, with 7 gifts to wrap. I got some wrapped, but then it was time to get Casey from the bus stop, so I’d just have to close my door when we got in.

When he got off the bus, he was wearing a birthday crown! How neat! He seemed happy with how his day had gone, that’s good!

I got back to wrapping, with Casey sitting right outside my door, asking “are you done wrapping presents yet?” every few minutes lol.

I relaxed for a bit, not really in a huge rush to get the meat cooked and in the crock pot. It had to thaw all the way anyway.

Around 4, I started cooking the meat, got it in with the beans and tomatoes, then started some noodles. I put noodles in my chili, and it’s yummy that way!

Dave got home while the noodles were cooking.

So, we let the chili simmer for a bit longer, Dave took a shower, so Casey and I got started on our dinner.

After I was done eating, I headed back to my room for a little bit. Casey was taking his time eating, so I figure, no biggie. Casey had asked earlier if he could have cake, and I’d said after dinner. So he came and said he was done eating, and asked if he could have cake. I told him yes, when daddy was done eating.

Dave comes back and says he wanted Casey to get started on his cake and presents because he had a lot of homework to do and didn’t want to be sitting there too long waiting. So I grab my lighter to light the candle, but forgot my phone. I light the candle and walk it over to the cake, singing. Stick it on the cake, and am about to have Casey blow out the candle, but then I ask Dave if he has his phone to take pictures. He always has his phone on him! I don’t, around the house much, because usually I’m in my room by it and don’t feel the need to carry it everywhere around the house since I’m not out of my room much.

He starts going off on me about my video games being more important than Casey’s birthday. No the hell they are not, I simply forgot my phone! He was bitching about it the whole time we were both on our way to our rooms to get our phones.

So then Dave starts to pull the cake out of the box, to get better angles, bitching all the while about how unprepared I was. He doesn’t know about how rough my day had already been. I try to help pull the box out from under the cake, and he says something about he has this, since clearly I don’t. In anger, I threw his phone over the railing into the living room.

He stomps off, Casey blows out his candle with me taking pictures, I’m expecting Dave to come back with his phone. I cut a piece of cake for Casey. Dave wasn’t joining us? So I start walking toward the back of the house while Casey is finishing up his cake. My computer keyboard is not on my desk. The bastard hid it, and was sitting at his computer. I am irate at this point, and say I will just keep looking until I find it. He keeps saying he’ll tell me where it is when I bring him his phone. I tell him that I’m not going to bring him his phone because he was making jabs at me. We kept going back and forth about that while I was looking, so I started taking stuff out of drawers as I was going through them. He makes some comment about me ruining Casey’s birthday by throwing his phone, so I tell him no, he ruined it by making jabs at me.

He stomps down the stairs to get his phone, continues into the basement and makes some sort of raucous, comes back up saying now we’re even, then holds his phone in my face saying he’s recording me, taunts me about the evening, and I start going off on him about me having to be in therapy to deal with his constant abuse. He was like, you’re not in therapy. I said I have been since December!! He’s like, “keeping secrets again!” I don’t even respond.

I ask him again where my keyboard is, following him into his room. He walks to my room, behind my door, and retrieves my keyboard.

I get cake for myself, Dave gets cake for himself, and we all sit there eating cake like nothing just happened, but with Dave and I not speaking to each other.

After cake, Casey opened his presents, and Dave and I both took pictures. Casey was super excited to see the train I picked up for him today at Walmart, it’s one we’d been looking for for a while. But that was one of the last presents he opened, and by then he was exhausted. He played with one of his new toys for a bit, and then we got him ready for bed. Poor guy was tuckered out after a long day himself.

I was pretty exhausted myself, but not quite ready for bed.

So, I’m scrolling through Facebook, and see a post about CVS pharmacists now writing prescriptions for birth control. So this happens:

I pasted that to Autumn that night, and she didn’t necessarily agree with my viewpoint, but didn’t agree with Anna. I said, to Autumn, but not to Anna: 1) don’t buy cheap shit. if you’re allergic, use lamb skin ones! raped? morning after pill. 2) abstinence is truly the only 100% safe method of birth control. come on now. 3) pharmacists do not know how a chemical will react to YOUR body without testing YOUR blood which they CANNOT DO! 4) doctors no longer require, or even recommend, annual exams, but rather one every 3 years. and insurance companies do not require them. 5) what you said. (she said there are free clinics that women can go to to get the exam)

She linked me a video about confused pets to calm me down, so thoughtful of her! And it worked!

Then Autumn and I had a *friendly* debate about the whole Colin Kaepernick thing. A couple things that express my views PERFECTLY:


By the time we were done with our friendly debate, I was ready to try and sleep, so I did. But first, I told Autumn and Colin both that I’d need to see if I could get in to see Lisa (my therapist) for a same-day in the morning. She has 5 hours a week set aside in case people really need her. After the day I had, I need her!

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