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Woke up somewhat ok, but feeling yucky from a cold. Got Casey up and ready for school, and made it there on time.

Came back home, got my coffee, and got on SL to park.

Spent a good bit of time scrolling through Facebook again, nothing else I felt like doing. I didn’t even feel like doing that, but needed to do SOMETHING. So, I did that.

Colin started watching the awful French movie I’d started. He agreed that it was just awful, but that kind of awful you can’t look away from.

Got Casey home from school, got him to sit on the toilet. He stayed there until Dave got home, then finally said he couldn’t go.

We had some dinner, leftovers for me and oatmeal for Casey.

After dinner, I read to Casey from one of his library books. They were due back the next day, so we needed to get through them.

Then he got on Minecraft, and I resumed my mundane Facebook scrolling. Nothing interesting, see the same stories over and over from the same small handful of people.

After getting Casey tucked into bed, I watched NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. Then I finished watching the rest of that awful movie.

After that, it was bedtime.

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