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Got up on time, got Casey ready for school and dropped off. Afterward, just headed home.

Got on SL to change and park.

Colin bought me a game on Steam and gave me his spare key for another one, so I spent most of the day downloading those while we chatted about various things.

For dinner I made a salad and some chicken breasts. Dave got home while I was cooking, early for him. I was still working on dinner when trick-or-treaters started showing up. I got Casey into his costume and he started helping pass out candy. Then Dave threw out a suggestion to go trick-or-treating then have dinner. Thanks, Dave! He then said some b.s. about me not having things planned. I said, I did have them planned! The plan was to have dinner THEN go trick-or-treating!

While I was getting the bread ready to have with dinner, Dave said something about checking to see how gaped I was after Sunday night. I played along and asked how he planned on doing that. He said with his fist. I was like, “uh huh.” Dave then tried to put his hand down the front of my shirt. I pulled it out. So then he reaches his hand under my shirt and touched my back, then moved his hand over to my side. Thankfully, then he left me alone.

Once dinner was ready, I got my stuff and took Casey trick-or-treating. Dave stayed behind to pass out candy, there were already a LOT of trick-or-treaters and it was only a little after 5.

The haul wasn’t as good as previous years. Usually his bucket is overflowing. There were a TON of trick-or-treaters, but not a lot of houses with people passing out candy. I felt it was too early for us to be out, but thanks to Dave’s bright idea there wasn’t much choice. We did manage to get to every house in our neighborhood, and my knee was pretty sore by the time we got home.

Casey stayed outside with Dave to help pass out candy, I went inside and got my dinner. Dave later mentioned that he’d thought I’d sit outside with them by the fire, but I showed him the ice pack on my knee. Not sure if he was very understanding, but that was my reason.

Casey finally ate his dinner, and then we got him ready for bed.

Once Casey was tucked in, I watched NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. Once those were done, I was ready for bed myself.

I started off on one side of the bed, but it was super uncomfortable so I ended up sliding me and my pillows over. I propped my knee on a thick pillow for support, since it was still sore. It still took me a long time to get to sleep, just too much stress lately and also apps were updating on my phone and causing my watch to buzz every few seconds.

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