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Woke up with my alarms, like any other weekday during the school year. Checked for texts and emails about school closing. At first it was just a 2 hour delayed start. That’d be fine, I would rather Casey go to school. But, I didn’t know how much snow we’d gotten, or how much more we’d be getting. It was supposed to have started around 4am, and I didn’t ever think to look yesterday at the predictions for when it would end. So anyway, I let my alarms keep going, because I was feeling like I was starting to wake up and probably wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep anyway. A short while after I did get up, there was another text saying school would be closed.

Got some coffee Dave had made in the Bunn and got parked on SL. Then, even though Casey didn’t have to get up for school, I went in and whispered in his ear, “You don’t have school today, but I missed you.” I pressed my cheek against his for about a minute, then whispered that he could go back to sleep if he wanted. He ended up getting up, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to face the day himself.

Got on DDO right away. Got on my Rogue and worked on some of the other dungeons available in Stormreach Harbor. I wasn’t yet ready to face the Slayer quest in The Waterworks.

Casey had his breakfast and then played for a while in his play room. He also spent some time working on his “mouse house.” He was planning to turn a large cardboard box into a house for the little cat toy mice that he’s hoarding. Eventually, he wanted to play Minecraft.

I took a bit of a break from DDO and started looking at Daybeds again on Walmart’s web site. I felt I should probably get one with a higher weight limit, so that it could accommodate more than one person should such a “need” arise. I found one I liked, in black, which I would prefer, and it was a good price. I decided, “Fuck it, I’ll just go ahead and order it,” so I did. It wasn’t very expensive at all, and we’re ready to file our taxes anyway so it’ll get paid off soon.

I did get to talk to Colin for a little while, when Casey took a break from Minecraft to have lunch and then watch a bit of Disney Junior. I sent him links to the Daybed and the Trundle that comes with it, so he could see. He said it looked nice. If Dave doesn’t understand my need for a real bed, he’s a bigger prick than I even realized. Besides, I’m entitled to a portion of the tax return anyway, because we’re married filing jointly.

Once Casey came back to get on Minecraft, I got off the call with Colin.

After that, it was getting later in the day and I felt I should probably take care of the driveway, despite my knee pain of late. I asked Casey if he wanted to get dressed and help me clear the driveway, and he said yes. The snow was light and fluffy, and easy to run the snowblower through. I got it cleared pretty well, and Casey actually was super helpful. He cleared the area by the side garage door, and also cleared the porch and steps. When he was done with that, it was about time to tackle the mailbox area and try to make it more accessible for the mail-person. I did the best I could there, and felt confident with my work. I was ready to head inside, so in we went.

Had Casey get on the toilet right away, and I logged back onto DDO. I’d finished up most of the shorter length dungeons available to me, and I was eager to work on the Slayer quest on my Rogue and get that out of the way. I wanted her to be ready to level up, without actually leveling up. If she gets too far ahead of the mains, it’s possible she may not be able to help in dungeons that we stumble across that have locked doors.

In working on the Slayer quest, I thought I’d have to complete the lengthy sub-dungeons inside The Waterworks. That’s how it seemed to work with Korthos Island, the enemies wouldn’t reset unless you did one of the other dungeons inside. I’d made a mistake at one point and needed to see a vendor to repair my stuff, and hit the “Recall” button to save some time. Turns out, that’s how you reset the enemies in a zone like that, just hit “recall” and then when you go back in, the enemies are back. Good information to have going forward. A little late for this day’s activities, though. I’d already accepted the quest for the dungeons and completed about half of it, and wanted to get the quest reward. So, I finished up the other dungeon anyway.

The Slayer quest, thankfully, turned out to not be as intensive as I thought it would. It didn’t go to the higher tier of 750, it stopped at 400. That was a relief, it was tedious to get to 750 in Korthos Island.

I was working on the Slayer quest still through dinner, and for a little while after. I also spent a bit of time working on some inventory management, switching between characters as well to make sure that they both had good gear, and listing stuff on the auction house that I didn’t want.

Casey was watching a movie on his laptop with the external DVD player. Then I noticed it was after 6, and Dave wasn’t home yet. I thought I should probably get my shower out of the way before he got home, or else I may not be able to until after I got Casey to bed.

As I was undressing, I heard the garage door. I hurried up a bit, to get the shower started before Dave would hear it and start bitching, since his first stop after work is always the shower. It occurred to me, as I was getting in the shower, that Casey was overdue for a bath, especially after helping me clear the driveway earlier.

So, after my shower, I ran the bath for Casey since Dave was still eating. I kinda snickered that there’d probably be no hot water for Dave when he finally got to the shower, but he took his sweet time and probably did have more than enough hot water.

While Casey was in the bath, I got on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the auction house there, and then while Casey was laying in Dave’s bed “drying off” after his bath, I got on Wiz to get a couple of “Friendship Festival” (Valentine’s Day) pets that were going away after today. Then I finished the chapter I’d started yesterday in More Than Two.

It was hard to get Casey to give up the laptop so he could get ready for bed. He likes watching PJ Masks when he’s in the bath and/or when he’s laying in Dave’s bed after his bath. Finally he gave it up and got his PJs on and got ready for bed. Earlier he’d mentioned he wanted a slumber party with me, but then my knee pain got pretty bad and I felt I needed to lay a different way that would make it hard to get in and out of the bed with Casey there. Luckily, Casey seemed to have forgotten about any possible slumber party, and instead headed for his room. I read to him and got him tucked in.

Once he was tucked in, I popped some popcorn and plugged my headphones in to watch NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. Now that they’re done, I’m not quite ready for bed but think I should try and sleep anyway. Man, I can’t wait for my new bed to get here. Just, have to figure out how to tell Dave about it without him flipping his shit. I’m thinking, with our tax return, we can also probably afford for him to get a new computer, if he wanted. His is sorely out of date. We’ll see. For now, it’s off to bed for me.

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