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Slept good Tuesday night, better than I had Monday night but I didn’t feel very well rested. Got up and got my latte, got on SL to park while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school then came back home and got on the computer.

It was time for my normal rounds on the games, so I started with Aura Kingdom and DDO for Auction House stuff since Conan would have still been down for daily restarts. Once those two were done, I tried to get on Conan. There was a patch, and then I couldn’t get into the server once that was done. I tried several times, and eventually gave up. I planned to take care of that later in the day.

Took care of my free book and paid emails, then launched Blade & Soul. They’d had maintenance that morning, but thankfully it wasn’t as long as the past two Wednesdays.

Spent time working on farming moonlight buds and peaches, and did a couple dungeons with some clan members as well. I attempted to get into a dungeon I needed to do, but got kicked from the party because I didn’t have some key they wanted to use. Come to find out, the key lets you skip a couple of bosses, but the keys are dropped from said bosses.

Also spent a bit of time crying on and off throughout the day.

I forgot to mention that on Monday I found (and matched with) Daniel on Tinder. I wasn’t sure at first whether I should be giggly about it or sad about it, and I guess my heart decided for me, probably why I didn’t sleep at all Monday night. It didn’t help matters any that he’d updated his profile Wednesday morning to say that he was basically looking for everything I was trying to get out of him.

So, what’s a girl to do but tell a guy (again) how she feels? I poured my heart out through a couple of text messages, all there was to do at that point was wait for a response.

Went and picked Casey up when it was time, and came back home. Got him on the toilet and took care of the dishes before going back to the computer. A while before I’d gone to pick him up, I’d started trying to get my Blade Dancer switched over to the Crimson faction from the Cerulean, but that can be challenging at times because the Crimson is, for whatever reason, more popular. So, I kept working on that, even though Autumn had said that Crimson membership was high the night before as well.

Speaking of Autumn, despite knowing how upset I was, she chose to spend Jordan’s day off with him watching movies. I can’t say I blame her, he works third shift so they are always a bit off on their schedules. It was still lonely without her, though, even with having people to talk to on my Discord server.

Around the time I was getting Casey off the toilet, Dave was getting home from work.

Finally got Mercia (the Blade Dancer) moved over to Crimson and started working on her dailies so she could contribute to the faction.

Got Casey to bed, still later than I would have liked but not too late.

Continued working on miscellaneous things on Mercia to try and get her gear improved and quests completed, but didn’t really feel like I had accomplished very much before it was time to try and sleep. It was after midnight, and I was feeling wide awake, but I needed to try.

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