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Got up and got my latte, then rebooted the modem and router in hopes my computer would run better today. Got on SL to park while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Launched Blade & Soul so it would do the update while I was dropping Casey off at school, then headed out.

When I got back home, I checked the update progress and it had stalled out. I made several attempts to restart the update, but it just wasn’t working. Finally it went through. There wasn’t much time before the maintenance was expected to be completed, so I just scrolled through stuff on Facebook.

Once BnS was back online, I launched it. I was able to get in, but noticed some of my addons from BnS Buddy had been disabled. So, I logged out to re-enable them. Getting back in proved to be quite the task, it took several tries. Finally I was back in with add-ons restored and a few settings tweaked. It did seem to be running better, at least.

After I ate some breakfast, I had a bit of reflux and that caused a panic attack. So, I went ahead and took care of some chores while chatting with one of the clan members on Discord voice chat. I got calmed down and went back to the computer to try and play, but got a text from Daniel that he found out he has a yeast infection. I have only ever had one other in my life I think, so I suspect it’s from his other girlfriend. Either way, it was off to the store to get some medicine as well as a few other things we needed. Colin joined the voice chat while I was out.

Got what I needed and headed back home, put the groceries away, and made some lunch. It was this chicken fried rice and crispy honey chicken I’d got. After I ate, I got into a private call on Hangouts with just Colin. Chatted with him for a while, while doing some online window shopping for purses. I kept getting offers from different sites. I’ve recently bought a cute purse from Walmart, but I want something ever so slightly bigger.

Having found nothing worth buying, I went back to BnS. Mostly just farmed peaches for no apparent reason other than I’m sure I’ll need them at some point for something. There wasn’t a whole lot of time anyway before I’d need to pick up Casey from school.

Once I got him back home, I got him on the toilet and kept farming peaches for a bit. Once he was done in the bathroom, I got some dinner for both of us and tried to get a team going for Skybreak Spire, a raid dungeon I’d been waiting a couple weeks to do. I could have attempted it sooner, but for two things. One, I wanted to go into it with Autumn. And the other, my gear needed to be improved more. Since I was eating dinner anyway, I made a few more upgrades to my gear.

Then Dave got home, figures. So I had to keep waiting to make sure I wouldn’t be interrupted if I went into a raid. Casey ended up watching the TV downstairs, so I formed an alliance and we went in. Autumn actually had logged on and joined me. We failed, a few times. Then Autumn missclicked something, but was planning to exit anyway. One more attempt and I gave up, there were just too many lower level people in the alliance for us to survive.

I got in the shower, then got Casey ready for bed. Once he was tucked in, I got on Minecraft with Autumn.

Before we got started playing, I was trying to switch to Lumiya for SL but saw an inventory offer from one of my friends and former coworkers. A mutual friend was starting up a club, and through the conversation I determined I would be invited to join. Only problem is, I technically own my own club, though I have no sets and no staff. I would need to feel the place out, as well as talk to Colin about it since he is my co-owner. I could leave the building and everything set up but would not be able to run my club if I went to this new one.

Finally got switched to Lumiya, and got back to Minecraft with Autumn. I was yawning a lot, so didn’t think I’d be on long, but we had fun for a couple hours anyway. We were in a world I’d bought a while back called Ultimate Minigame Rush. But we got stuck in one of them, and I had to spend quite a bit of time researching to figure out how to get past that stage. I wasn’t able to find any solution, and was getting sleepy again, so I logged off, shut down, and headed to bed.

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