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Got up and got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and got on SL. Hung around there messing around with stuff while waiting to hear from Colin and Autumn. Also took care of my free book and paid emails once they arrived.

Spent a lot of time looking on the marketplace for attractive but low prim beds and kitchens to make mine look nicer, but wasn’t able to find anything. I decided I’d contact the creator of the bed I like, since they have a different version of it, and see if I can get some sort of upgrade.

Once Autumn was up and on, she ended up buying me some avatar called a Chibi Noodle. So we changed into those. We intended to go do stuff as them, but Autumn ended up being sent out to get food. Even after she got back, there wasn’t a whole lot we could do because it was almost time to pick up Casey.

Went and picked him up and brought him home. He did his usual thing and I got back on SL for a few, but we decided we’d get on Minecraft after a bit. We’d talked about it and we were ready for Casey to come and do his usual colorification.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on Minecraft in the Dragon world. Did a bit of exploring, got involved in a raid since they’d pushed out the Village & Pillage update. That was fun.

Got Casey tucked into bed. Autumn was cooking dinner, so I got on Blade & Soul because some people were bitching about not being active enough. I got on to find that they were the only two people even online. I tried to pass the position of Battleground Commander to Vol, but it wouldn’t let me because he was in a dungeon.

I get that they want to be more active, but Varzon worded it like BnS is a job because I’m not at it “full time.” Also, they spend time on their alts that are in their own Cerulean Legion clan, not even in my Cerulean sister clan. Out of all the members we have, only a small handful are active. Not enough to do raids as a clan, not enough to do battleground events. Not enough to do much of anything. We’d be lucky to get 6 of us together for a regular dungeon run.

Also, I quested hard for a good few weeks, then spent a few more endlessly farming Moonlight Buds and Celestial Peaches for upgraded equipment. I got kinda burnt out on that. I’d done some farming for costumes, but even that I grew weary of. Since nobody was on and I didn’t have anything to do, I just logged off.

Got back on SL and went to an amusement park as our Chibi Noodles. That was entertaining, got a few good screenshots out of it and posted them to the SL Screenshots channel in my Discord server.

Shortly after that, I was nearly ready for bed, so I changed back to my humanoid neko form and went to bed.

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