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Woke up in the arms of the man I love. Magical as always. I long to sleep in his arms every night, and wake up to his sweet face every morning. Nothing would please me more.

We’d slept a bit later, and he was worried that I would be late getting home for Casey. He warned me never to be late for Casey on his account, and I said no I wouldn’t do that. I looked at my watch to keep an eye on the time, knowing I’d need to leave by about 6:45.

Headed home and grabbed a latte while the computer booted. I began feeling anxious again once I was home. Got parked on SL, then scrolled through Facebook while waiting on the free book & paid emails to filter in. Took care of them as they came in.

Casey didn’t sleep in very late at all, considering I knew he must still not be feeling the best. His cheek had been splotchy on one side from all the excess heat. I’d need to make sure he rehydrated. He stayed laying in his bed with his tablet until it ran out of time, then he went downstairs to watch stuff on the Roku.

I ended up going back to bed after a little while, while Casey was still laying in his bed with his tablet. I felt like the xanax from the night before was still in my system, causing me to be extra tired. The only thing I felt I could do was sleep it off. I ended up napping until after noon. I was still tired when I woke up then, but I saw the time and knew I should get back out of bed.

It was weird not talking to Colin. I’d gotten a reminder that rent was due Tuesday, and sent him a message about that. He asked for the amount to send to me, but I’m tired of being the one responsible for paying rent. He’s the one who wants to keep the parcel even though we never make use of it, it’s his money, it only makes sense that he take over that responsibility. So, in reply, I sent him the landmark for the office. He logged out of SL shortly after, but didn’t come back for a very long time. I wasn’t sure if he logged out because he was irritated, if I should go collect stuff from the land, or if maybe he just lost net. He finally logged back on and posted in the real estate rentals group asking if a staff member was online that could help him with the account. I was annoyed that he hadn’t simply asked me, and said as much. I gave him the information, and he paid the rent. He said he’d been downstairs, trying to spend as much time away from the computer as possible. That’s good then, he needs to spend more time away from it. I do as well, but I have different reasons for sticking to my room. The idea of leaving my room in favor of other parts of the house makes me nervous, because of Dave and how he talks to me, and sometimes to Casey.

With that settled, I resumed my going through Facebook. I kinda wanted to get on Minecraft, but I didn’t want Casey to come up and notice, and want me to play on his world when I wanted to get things done on my own.

I also spent some time looking on Amazon for french maid outfits. I’d gotten the idea because Daniel had thanked me for everything I’d done the night before, and I had been talking with Cyn about wanting to go and clean his house for him. I told her I was looking at french maid outfits and she joked “bitch, you said you’re not a maid!” I was like, “yeah but I’d be happy to dress up as one for some kinky roleplay.” I saw one outfit I liked, and it wasn’t too expensive, but with the measurement guide provided I didn’t think it’d fit very well. I sent that link to Daniel anyway to get a reaction of some sort, to know if it was a good idea or not, but kept looking. I ended up finding a much cheaper one that looked like it might fit better, and was also more like lingerie instead of just a costume. I bought that one.

Daniel later responded, after he was home from work and settled in, that he was more of a lace kinda guy, see through. I said that was good since that was what I ended up ordering, and sent him a link to the one I bought. He said yes that was sexy lol. I told him it’d be here Friday.

Later in the evening, I finally got on Minecraft. I spent a ton of time fishing for both books and XP. I was still on when Casey was getting ready for bed, and he heard some of the sound effects and got all excited that I was on Minecraft. I got him to get ready for bed anyway, and got him snuggled in. I checked his temperature, it was still elevated so he’d have to stay home from Summer Pack again the next day.

Stayed on Minecraft fishing until I was falling asleep, which was only a little after 10pm. Then I shut down and went to bed.

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