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Woke up ridiculously early yet again. Grabbed my latte while getting the computer booted, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. On the way to drop him off I started having a panic attack. Thankfully, he wanted to play before school so I was able to hurry back home and get some ginger ale to help calm my stomach. I also used my oil rollers, but no Xanax in case I really am pregnant.

Spent the day doing this, that, and the other. Took care of my free book & paid emails as they arrived. Got all of my daily stuff done on Aura Kingdom, but took my time on it throughout the day.

I’d heard from Daniel first thing in the morning, and he said something didn’t work out and he’d be back in town sometime that day. I tried throughout the day to arrange to get together, but never heard anything more from him.

Picked Casey up from Summer Pack at the usual time. When we got home, he was taking his time getting out of the car. I went ahead and went up the steps to the door, but he started calling for me to come back. I told him I wasn’t coming back down the stairs just to have to go back up the stairs, and he started fruiting out. He finally got out of the car, though, and we went inside. I asked him what it was he wanted to tell me, but he just said “later.”

He kept up with his attitude and it progressed to a full on tantrum, probably about the worst I’ve seen. He was kicking and pushing me and my belly even when I yelled for him to stop. I ended up smacking his hand to try and snap him out of it, but even that wouldn’t work. Finally, after quite a while, he stopped the tantrum and reached for a hug. I knew, because I’ve been there myself, that he needed to be held. It wasn’t a time to refuse to hug him due to his behavior. While holding him in my lap he finally told me what had happened, that he’d wanted to tell me before going in the house. He tried to play with Joe at school, who is one of the kids that he had problems with last year, but Joe refused and it upset him. He wants so much to be friends with Joe, but to me it sounds like Joe, and the others, are just jerks.

He started yawning a lot while I was holding him, and let me lay him down on my bed and tuck him in for a nap. He slept a couple hours.

Once he woke up, I got him some early dinner and then a bath. Between Summer Pack and his tantrum, his hair was a mess and I knew he needed to get clean.

Because of the severity of his tantrum, I’d ended up telling him he could have absolutely no electronics until further notice. But I softened a bit because of his heartache and told him we’d see the next day. He agreed that it was fair for him to spend the rest of the day with just the TV or his toys, and didn’t argue any more about it.

Once Dave got home, anyway, Casey just wanted to hang around him, so all was well. Got him tucked in a little earlier, which was good. Then I got on Minecraft with Cyn, on the Egyptian Mythology Mashup. Stayed on there until I was ready for bed, around 10:30.

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