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Got up, early again. Peed in a cup, dipped a stick in it. Again. Grabbed a latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at Summer Pack, then headed back home.

Had a rough morning, Daniel wants me to have an abortion. I was both upset and pissed at the suggestion. And also for him making me feel like I’m going to be all alone in this. I let him know as much.

Around lunch time, we had a more reasonable conversation about it. He said that if there were something severely wrong with the baby, it wouldn’t be right to keep it. Something that would make it unable to walk, talk, or do anything. I do agree with that. But, I’m not going to abort a baby just because they have a disability either. It would have to be a pretty serious one where we would know for absolute fact that it would have absolutely no quality of life. And how can anyone really know that for absolute fact? I didn’t say that part though. Besides, to my knowledge there’s no reason for concern about that. Both of us have healthy children already, why would this one be any different?

He asked about medical records, but made off like he was concerned the doctor didn’t really perform the surgeries that I was going in for. I’m sure he really just wanted proof that I had the surgeries I told him I had. I contacted the hospital and they emailed me a release form so I could obtain my records. I was able to email it back, and she scanned in all the operative reports and emailed them to me. I sent them to Daniel without him even asking to see them.

I was concerned with one thing I later read in the reports. The tubal they did? It was a Falope Ring they put around my tubes. So, basically, they bent my tubes together tightly and wrapped a silicone ring around them. And various articles, written by doctors, suggest that this procedure is more effective at preventing pregnancy than burning or clipping the tubes. Umm, really? A silicone ring around my tubes is supposed to be MORE effective? Clearly that is bullshit.

Picked Casey up from Summer Pack at the usual time, and took him to Fort McCoy to swim together. He didn’t want to try to float in the pool, claiming he can only do that in the bath tub. We’ll get there. He was doing pretty good, going pretty deep until he was on his tippy toes then bouncing back to where it was more shallow. We swam for about 45 minutes and then headed home.

He spent some time watching stuff on his tablet, and I just kinda sat there at my desk, wanting to do something but not really knowing what, besides the fact that I really wanted to talk to Daniel more. But he’d said he had work, so I guess he picked up a job to hold him over until the truck driving one he’d told me about.

Later in the evening, I got on Portal Knights with Cyn. We were basically just going around killing stuff to try and level up. But then she decided she needed a nap, at like 7pm, because she’d been up since 7am. Umm, or you could just stay up a bit longer and get a full night’s sleep? Whatever. I ended up getting on Blade & Soul then and did some questing on my blade dancer until about 9:30, then got ready for bed.

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