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Woke up early as usual. Grabbed my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at Summer Pack, then headed back home.

Got on Aura Kingdom and did some of the daily stuff, then took care of my free book & paid emails.

Ran to the store for a few things. We really just needed dish soap and dish wand sponges, but I ended up walking around as I often do. And I found the most beautiful body pillow, so I ended up buying it. I’d happily rearrange some of the stuff on my bed to make it work. I also picked up a plain body pillow and a Super Mario Bros. cover for it. But when I got home and was getting everything situated, I put the Mario cover on my old body pillow. I thought Casey would prefer that, because it’s more firm. It is quite comfy, but the new one I got is very squishy and I don’t think Casey would like it as much, yet it is fine for me since I’m not actually going to lay my head on it when I sleep.

Talked to Colin for a while once he was on, until it was time to go to the doctor for my physical, pap, and to ask wtf is going on with me.

I love my doctor. I already loved my doctor, now I love her even more. Unlike the last two people I’ve seen about this, the Midwife and the ER doctor, she didn’t completely dismiss the possibility of me being pregnant. She took me seriously as I explained all my symptoms, and that I’ve had many faint positive home tests. I explained about the hundreds of testimonials I saw of women who got pregnant after having just the surgeries I had. Also the hundreds of women who couldn’t get positive blood tests until they were up to months along. I also told her what I found out about my tubal ligation, and she agrees with me that putting a rubber band (essentially) around the tubes is not the most effective method of birth control. She wants me to have an ultrasound in 3 weeks, when I would be 8 weeks along if I am indeed pregnant. First they’ll determine whether or not I am pregnant. If I’m not, they’re going to put a dye into my uterus to see if my tubes are open or not. And, of course, I’ll have them look at my ovaries and things too. I’m on the road now to finding out what really is going on.

Picked Casey up from Summer Pack right after the appointment, and brought him back home. He was super happy about his pillow. He layed in his room for a while with his tablet, until it ran out of time. Then, he got on Minecraft.

I picked up my Kindle and started reading the next book in the series I started a week or so ago. It was very good, and I read until about 6:30. Then, I was getting antsy, so I thought it best to put the book down, at least for a little while. Cyn implied she wanted to do something together anyway, which I’d be happy to do. I was actually getting in the mood to hop on ArcheAge again anyway.

First, I needed a shower and to get Casey ready for bed, so I did all that. I had Casey tucked in and trying to sleep by like 7:30. I was surprised, because usually he takes at least 45 minutes to get ready for bed.

Once he was tucked in, I launched ArcheAge. I was already yawning a lot, so I figured it would probably be an early night. But, I needed to force myself to stay up as late as I could. I was able to get about 2 hours of questing in before the tiredness consumed me and I went to bed.

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