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Woke up at a fairly reasonable time, since I’d set an alarm. Got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Rushed onto ArcheAge so I could tend the plants before maintenance started, which was supposed to last 7 hours.

Once the plants were tended, I took care of my free book & paid emails, then took Casey to Walmart to have some lunch, get his hair cut, and then do a bit of shopping. He got to pick out a new toy, as promised, for being such a good boy at the doctors on Tuesday.

Headed home once we were done shopping, got the groceries put away, and then got back on ArcheAge since maintenance was done early. It was really laggy for me, but I was able to do some questing anyway. When I hit level 50, though, I suddenly had nothing else to do in the map I had been questing in. I guess it had a level cap on that map or something. I had gotten some new quests that must have been because I’d reached level 50, so I tried to do some of those, but they were more difficult solo. I would have to work on trade packs and stuff to level up more before I do more regular questing.

Got Casey to bed, a bit more of a reasonable time, but then he started bugging Dave about a slumber party, and eventually Dave caved. I hate it when he caves because it just teaches Casey that he can get away with being whiny, fussy, and demanding to get what he wants. But, I couldn’t put my foot down without him pitching a fit, so I guess you could say I caved just as much.

Got back to ArcheAge and worked on stuff. I calculated how much labor I would have, roughly, when I got back from the funeral the next day. I thought it would probably be a good idea to use a bit of labor, and I had a couple quests calling for Iron for my local community center, so I went and did a bit of mining until a little after midnight, then headed to bed. I’d wanted to stay up a bit later, since I’d been waking up sore and stiff after getting more than 7 hours sleep each night for several nights. I intended to set an alarm for about 6 1/2 hours after going to bed, to see if limiting my sleep helped me feel better. But, I didn’t want to get up too early. So, the timing of going to bed was pretty perfect.

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