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What a crazy busy day! I had the census training not too terribly long after dropping Casey off at school. I’m officially a government employee for the next few months. I didn’t have a lot of time to relax afterward before I had to go pick him up from school. We had a short while to relax before having to head to his Therapy appointment. That went well, and we’re going to spend time focusing on appropriate responses to situations we are not otherwise happy about.

After we got home from his Therapy appointment, I got started on some online Census training, then worked on Truckee ad-rating.

Once Casey was finally in bed, I got on SL to look at a new Sugar Skull texture Cyn had made for me for this cat avatar we both have. It was pretty cool. I made the rounds on a couple games, but I was getting pretty tired, so I decided to just go to bed. I’ve been off my napping schedule and it’s showing in my early bedtimes. At least I’m still getting up on time each morning, so far.

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