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Got up and got some of the nasty ass coffee Dave had made while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Took care of my free book & paid emails, then hopped on ArcheAge. Took care of the gardening quick, just in time before the server went down for maintenance. I created a character on the European server, because it may be easier to make gold for 1 apex on each server instead of 2 on the one. I just need to get that character to level 30 so she can start doing the trade runs. Patron is shared between North America and Europe, but labor is not. Labor is my biggest setback right now on my NA character.

I got a call from the vet asking if we were still planning to bring Max in, because Stormy’s appointment had been for 9:40. I’d thought Stormy’s was later in the month, and when they’d called Tuesday to remind me they had only mentioned Max’s.

Max’s appointment went pretty well. Medically he’s fine. He had a bit of a heart murmur the last time we took him in, and it’s still there but not bad. We were told that if he has any sort of respiratory problems, like open mouth breathing, we should bring him in for an echocardiogram. But, for now, that he’s fine. They have no medical reason why he’s been acting the way he has toward Jennifer. They recommended a special diffuser with pheromones to see if that helps keep him calm, and if that doesn’t work to get a behavioral consult there.

On ArcheAge, I spent the day working on miscellaneous stuff as usual, including running some trade packs. I have quite the supply of goods for the trade packs, and need to dwindle them down so I only have a few types instead of all that I have now. But, I eventually ended up buying another storage chest to keep stuff in, so it’s not really a huge deal.

Casey spent the day either playing Super Mario Run on my old phone, or watching stuff on the Roku. He did a bit of his school work as well, but I need to do the “read 100 ways” exercise with him still. He’ll get a treat at the start of the school year for completing that. He doesn’t want to read in crazy places or crazy ways before bed because he’s worried it’ll make it harder for him to sleep.

After getting him tucked in, it was more of the same on ArcheAge. I finished up an honor quest I had in one zone, and worked on the new dailies since they’d reset at 7pm. I ended up staying up until a little after midnight, which was a surprise since I didn’t have Cyn to spend the time with. I don’t usually stay up that late on my own.

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