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Woke up at a somewhat reasonable time. Casey was still in bed. Got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then tried getting on ArcheAge, but it was down for weekly maintenance.

Casey finally got up about 9:30 and complained about his loose tooth moving out of place constantly. I said it was just ready to fall out, was all. I offered to bonk him on the head, because Dave had accidentally done that once and it’d caused a loose tooth to fall out. That cheered him up, at least, but I didn’t bonk him on the head lol.

Got him some breakfast and he got settled in with some shows on the Roku downstairs.

Spent the day not really doing much of anything, on the computer anyway. I wasn’t really in the mood for playing a different game, I just wanted to get on ArcheAge and get my stuff done. The maintenance was supposed to be done by 11, but they kept running into snags.

I did some more reorganization in my room, this time working on my desk drawer and my vape drawer.

I made an early dinner of tacos. I was hoping that, making it early, it would all be put away by the time Dave got home, and I wouldn’t have to worry about him eating my food. He got home just as we were finishing eating, but said he was going to a grand opening of a Jersey Mike’s in Onalaska with Jennifer. At least my food was safe.

After getting dinner cleaned up, I got on Portal Knights for a bit, since ArcheAge was still down. I was still refreshing the server status forum page, though, and it wasn’t long after getting on PK that the servers were back up and running.

Got on ArcheAge and got started with my usual chores, then worked on some leftover dailies I had before they were due to reset.

Got Casey ready for bed and tucked in, then got back to ArcheAge. Someone was looking for raid participants, and I didn’t know what it was for but volunteered anyway. It was for a thing called Grimghast Rift, which I’d never done. I messed up on one part of it, and wasn’t able to finish the quest as a result, but I got some achievements for my participation anyway. After that, I was able to get into a late raid for Hiram stuff, so did that before going to bed.

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