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Slept in later than I wanted to, and didn’t feel better for it. Got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Took care of my free book and paid emails. I’d have gotten on ArcheAge after that, but it still wasn’t back up. I ended up checking Wiz, but logged off shortly after because there wasn’t really anything to do.

I got some chores done, like finally getting the laundry folded that had been in the dryer since Saturday. I also vacuumed mine and Casey’s bedrooms and the hallway.

I did spend some time chatting with Paul via text, and even talked to him on the phone for a bit. I’m really enjoying our conversations so far, and it’s making me feel quite happy. I’m not having any of those “OMG I love you” feelings or anything, but I do feel we have a connection.

I also spent quite a bit of time organizing my e-books into collections and making sure those were synced between the computer and the kindle paperwhite. It took longer than I would have thought, but I eventually got it done.

Casey spent quite a bit of time playing Super Mario Maker on my Nintendo, but then I had him take a break to do some school work. He whizzed through the school work, so then I got him to clean up his playroom a little bit. He never really gets a whole lot done when I ask him to do that, complaining that he’s out of energy to do any more, but at least he got some done. After a while of that, I let him go back to the Nintendo. He spent the rest of the day doing that.

Later in the day I got on the EU server on ArcheAge, since I was reminded that their servers were not down, only NA servers. I spent some time questing on that character, but was growing tired of it.

I asked Casey to get ready for bed at the usual time, but then he pointed out that he hadn’t had dinner. He used to always ask for food any time he was hungry, I don’t know why he’s doing this lately. I lose track of time because it’s not like I sit here staring at the clock. I sternly asked him to please go back to telling me when he’s hungry, and Dave overheard and started making a fuss about it. I ended up snapping at Dave. I got Casey some food, and when he was done eating I quietly asked him to please get his bedtime stuff done while I was showering. He was watching stuff on his tablet then, and asked for a little more time to do that. I told him if he got his bedtime stuff done, he could have more time on his tablet.

Finally got him tucked into bed, then I went back to my computer. But it wasn’t over! Casey complained about being itchy, so I told him to just go get some lotion. He knows where his lotion is, so that’s easy enough. Then he went in by Dave and told Dave the lotion wasn’t drying, so then I had to get a tower fan from the kitchen and put it in Casey’s room. At last he was ready to go to bed and stay there lol.

Brandon was on Wiz doing some stuff there, so I got to a stopping point and joined him in farming the Loremaster, until I was ready for bed.

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