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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. He was cranky and it was really difficult to get him out of bed. He said it was because Dave was in there singing a made-up tune and it disrupted his waking up process. I managed to get him out of bed, though. He didn’t have much time for breakfast but managed to get a bit before it was time to go.

Dropped him off at school, then headed home and got on ArcheAge. I wasn’t sure if the 2 hour maintenance was going to have been super early, or would be later in the morning. Not long after I got on, there was a notice that it would be going down an hour after. At least I was able to get some gardening done.

Took care of my free book and paid emails once it was time to log off for the weekly maintenance break.

Made a couple quick phone calls, one to the Ob/Gyn to reschedule the appointment I’d had to cancel, and another to the school transportation office to make sure Casey was down for Parent Pickup every day.

I was talking to Colin and kinda fretting about the birthday decorations. Casey would be getting a Super Mario Maker cake and I’d gotten just a few Minecraft decorations, what little I’d been able to find at Walmart. I started looking online to see if there were other stores I could get to and find something Mario related. Party City seemed to have an awesome selection, so I got ready to head there.

By the time I got to Party City, I was starving. But, the birthday decor was my priority with the time limit I had before I had to head back home. I filled a shopping basket up with everything I could to make his birthday as awesome as possible.

After I checked out at Party City, I headed to Panera for some lunch. I was supposed to have gotten $2 off for ordering online, but didn’t see that reflected in my total. Then I forgot to use the $3 gift card I’d had.

While sitting at Panera, I logged onto Uber. I didn’t expect there to be any deliveries, because the last time I’d tried there weren’t any. While trying to eat, I got a notification about a nearby delivery. I declined it, since I was eating. But then, a few minutes later, what appeared to be the same one came in again. I accepted it this time and hurried to finish my food so I could get going.

I had to stop at Subway to pick up the order, and then drive over to a hotel to drop it off. I noticed in my earnings notification, right after delivering the food, there was no mention of a tip. But, I’d made over $3 for about 10 minutes of work, so I couldn’t complain. I went and parked in the Woodman’s parking lot, thinking I’d go inside and look at their coffee selection, but then I got a notification about another delivery. I had time for just one more, so I accepted it. This time I had to pick up an order at Perkin’s, and drop it off at the lady’s house. It was a bit longer of a trip, so I made a little over $5. I was tickled pink, though, for how much money I’d made in about half an hour! I couldn’t stop giggling and smiling!

I went offline on Uber and made my way home, about an hour’s drive since I was in La Crosse. On the way, I got a notification about a tip being received! I got another $2 on top of the $3 from the first trip! So that was over $5 for about 10 minutes of work. Hell yeah!

Made it back home and got the birthday decor safely tucked away. I would be decorating the kitchen after Casey went to bed. I only had about half an hour before I had to go pick him up from school, so I didn’t bother logging onto ArcheAge.

I checked Uber and saw I’d made another $2 on top of the $5 from the second trip! So I made over $13 for half an hour of work. I can totally dig this! Imagine if I work a 2-hour shift in a busy enough area a few days a week! If I could get to the Onalaska/La Crosse area, or even the Wisconsin Dells area, 5 nights a week and work 2 hours per shift that’d be $260 a week. For just a couple hours a day 5 days a week. Hell yes!

Went and picked Casey up from school, he seemed to have had a good day again. I asked him if he wanted to take cupcakes to school for his birthday like he had the last 2 years, and he said he did. So, we headed to Walmart to pick some out. I went ahead and got some groceries while we were there so I wouldn’t have to go back out the next day.

Headed back home and got everything put away, then took care of the dishes before I set to work on cleaning off the kitchen table so I could decorate it after Casey went to bed. He commented on how nice and clean it looked. Oh, if only it would stay that way!

Had him get on the toilet, and I finally hopped back on ArcheAge just as Dave was getting home. I showed Dave the big bag full of Mario party goodies, and he asked if I was going to decorate after Casey went to bed. Of course, as I have been every year so far.

Let Casey know he could get off the toilet, and got him some dinner. I also heated up a frozen meal for myself as well to eat while playing ArcheAge. Casey ate and then spent time just watching his tablet.

I spent quite a bit of time, after eating, fiddling around with my nose ring. I’d received the pretty flower labret stud I’d ordered and wanted to try it out. The flower was large, though, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. It took quite a bit of time for me to find the hole with the stud, but finally I got it. And yes, the flower was way too large.

I also downloaded a couple programs, trying to figure out how to get some large PDF game guides transferred over to my kindle, since I had a couple there already for Casey and wanted to have mine there in the Gaming collection as well. Every time I thought I’d found the easy way to do it, I was wrong. Finally I found just the right program to get the job done, one made by Amazon no less. With the documents now on the kindle, I could finally move on to other things.

It was getting close to time to get Casey ready for bed, and I needed a shower as well. So, I got his bedtime stuff ready and asked him to get ready for bed while I took a shower, then he could go back to his tablet.

After my shower, there wasn’t much time left before the reset raid would be starting. But, I wasn’t sure I was really up for that. I’d felt tension in my head, and suspected it was an oncoming cold. Cyn said she wasn’t going to do the raid, so I was somewhat relieved. If she wasn’t going to do it, neither was I.

Read to Casey and got him tucked into bed, then waited a little while before going out to the kitchen to decorate. I got the one gift wrapped that I didn’t have gift-wrapped by Amazon, then went out to decorate.

Dave helped a bit, after wrapping a couple gifts he’d gotten for Casey. We agreed, Casey was going to absolutely love it!

Having finished birthday-fying the kitchen, I got back to ArcheAge, just in time to participate in “Halcy.” That’s a faction war instance raid and you get rewards of honor, labor, and prestige just for participating.

After Halcy, Cyn and I were kind of debating what to do. I took care of some bedtime gardening, but otherwise we just kinda chatted until it was time for me to head to bed.

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