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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. On the way to dropping him off at school, I remembered that it was library day. I promised him that I would drop his library book off at the office, after giving things enough time to settle down.

Headed back home and got on ArcheAge to do some gardening, then kinda just hung around.

I went to the school around 10 to drop the library book off. His class didn’t have library until the afternoon anyway. When I got there, I saw there was a little girl sitting in a chair with a trash can in front of her, and my anxiety immediately took over. I managed to maintain outward composure to get the library book delivered, and then headed back out.

I was going to Walmart after so I could return the bluetooth headset I had gotten. The Discord trial proved it just wasn’t adequate. I would look at them on Amazon later.

Once the headset was returned, I stopped in Subway to get something to eat. I was hungry by then, despite the anxiety. Usually food is not a good idea when anxious.

After eating I walked over to the Electronics, hoping to find any headset that was made by Plantronics. I found one by the cell phone accessories, but it was just a regular phone headset. I wanted something like those buds. Finding nothing, I went back home.

Got back on ArcheAge and did some of my other daily stuff, like getting the memory ember and whatnot, then spent the rest of the afternoon browsing on Amazon for a different headset. The only Plantronics one I was somewhat interested in had the little annoying ear loops, so I ended up getting one made by Anker instead. I get other products made by them that I’ve been happy with, so I hoped the headset would be decent.

Went and picked Casey up at the usual time. I told him that he needed to actually go #2 when he’s on the toilet, because he should be going most every day anyway. I said that if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to take his electronics in there when he tries, because the last 2 times he’d gone he hadn’t had an electronic in there. My plan worked.

He spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing on the Nintendo, so I was on ArcheAge. I wasn’t really doing a whole lot, but I enjoyed myself anyway.

Around 6:30 I told Casey he had an hour and a half to get his bedtime stuff done, after having gotten out his vitamins and making sure his PJs were set out. After that, I went and got in the reset raid.

Read to Casey and tucked him in at the usual time, then killed some time before getting into Halcy.

After Halcy, I did some of the dailies, the Blue Salt ones for the bonds to exchange for Honor, but was getting pretty sleepy. As I was shutting everything down for bedtime, I heard from Daniel. He wanted to see me the next morning. I told him I’d need a shower and time to shave my legs, and that I had Therapy at 10, but that he could come over. We chatted for a bit and then I went to bed.

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