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I got up and got my latte while getting the computer booted, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at the usual time, then headed back home and got on ArcheAge to take care of my morning gardening.

After the gardening was done there, I went through my free book and paid emails. Then it was getting later, and I wanted to try and get some work in. I got a coffee to take with me, then headed to Onalaska.

First I stopped at Panera for lunch, then the Cub Scout shop to get some necessary supplies. By the time I was done with that, I was exhausted. I decided I would not be working after all, and headed to Best Buy.

The new headset I’d bought wasn’t working as well as I would like. It was working fine if I was just sitting at home, but not when I was in the car or otherwise out and about. I knew exactly what headset I was going to get, I just had to hope they had it in stock. They did! So, I bought it and headed to the car to pair it and try it out.

I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, because it had these little ear loops to help hold it in place and I thought they’d get on my nerves. But when I put the headset on, it fit perfectly and I could feel the ear loops were securely in place.

Now that I had the new headset working, Colin finally admitted he’d been taking painkillers because every little noise came through, like my hair brushing the mic. I wish he would tell me these things sooner, so I could fix the problem sooner. Clearly, though, Plantronics headsets are the only ones for me. They are far superior to any others.

I had about an hour once I got home, so I took care of the dishes and started the dishwasher, then went through the Cub Scout stuff I’d gotten until it was time to leave to pick Casey up from school. I saw Michael come out first, which surprised me. I hadn’t seen anyone there to pick him up. I asked who he was looking for, and he said his momma. I held Casey’s hand and we followed Michael around, since I didn’t want him wandering in the parking lot alone. I saw Leanne and we talked for a few minutes. I reminded her about the Den meeting the following night, and she said she’d talk to “Dan” about it to see who would bring Michael. I just can’t call him anything but Daniel.

Back home, I got back on ArcheAge to do a few trade runs, then worked on some Cub Scout stuff while cooking and eating dinner. I got all the Den meetings input into the calendar, including the achievements we would be working on at each meeting.

I hopped into the shower before getting Casey’s bedtime stuff out, then had him get ready for bed. He had two books to read to me this time, and did really well until Dave decided to join us. Then he kept saying he forgot the words. He also started acting very silly. He finally settled and finished reading to us, then I read a chapter to him from the Minecraft book.

Once he was all tucked in, I finally got on Fallout 76. I spent some time doing gardening and cooking, then did a bit of questing until I was ready to go to bed myself.

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