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I got up and got my coffee while the computer booted, then got Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off for school around the usual time, then headed back home and got on Facebook/AFF for a while.

Once my free book & paid emails arrived, I went through those. Appen was having technical difficulties, so I wasn’t able to get any work done. I kept an eye on it to see if it would be fixed so I could resume work, but ended up just spending the whole day on Facebook and AFF.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, and we headed back home. He got on the toilet, and I went back to Facebook and AFF.

After a while, I ended up checking to see if I could get on Fallout 76. It was working flawlessly, so I spent the rest of the night playing that.

I got Casey ready for bed and tucked in at the usual time, then went back to Fallout. I checked AFF to see if Brad was online. He was showing as online at that time and had even viewed my profile. I hoped this meant I would be able to see him, even though it would be very bittersweet. He did text me and we talked for a while, but he was too tired for company. That’s understandable. So, I stayed on Fallout until I was ready for bed.

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