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I got up and got my PJs back on and headed home. Once I got home, I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. During that time I also got on Aura Kingdom to check things and do some of the daily stuff, then ArcheAge to replant my garden yet again. I dropped Casey off at school at the usual time, then headed back home and got on Fallout 76.

I spent a bit of time on Fallout, then headed to Walmart to get a few things. Once I got what I needed, I headed back home and got it all put away, then got back on Fallout.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, then we headed back home. He got on the toilet and I got back on Fallout after doing a few chores. He was playing on Super Mario Maker while Minecraft updated on his devices.

In the evening before Dave got home, Casey and I put together his Super Mario Bros. gingerbread castle so it could set overnight before we decorate it. Once Dave was home and settled, they got busy decorating the Christmas tree. I was invited down, only as I was about to get in the shower. Dave seemed to think it was just typical that I wouldn’t come down to help. Well, why the hell are you doing it at that time of night anyway, Casey should have already been getting ready for bed. It was 7:50 by the time I was invited down!

I got Casey tucked into bed, then kept playing Fallout until around 10, when I was too tired to stay up any longer.

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